Chapter 24: The Birthday Party Part 2

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"What the hell is happening here?" Darian asked slowly, arms crossed and leaning against the entryway to the kitchen.

Nathan's hands were still resting on my waist and I heard him sigh quietly. Moving his forehead off of mine, he turned his gaze to his brother's direction and gave him a mischievous grin. "Nothing you need to worry about, little brother."

I giggled at Darian's expression to his brother's response. He stood there, mouth hung to the floor and eyes wide. "It certainly is to my business, big brother."

Instead of replying to his brother, Nathan turned to me, his eyes bright and full of life. "Let's dance, princess."

"What?" Darian yelled. He pushed himself off the door frame and walked over to Nathan and I. "No dancing! What is happening here?!"

"What's happening," I began as I hopped off the counter and made my way to the kitchen door. "Is Nathan and I are going to go dance."

Nathan gave his brother a lopsided smirk and placed his hand in mine.

"Feel free to join us!" I said with a wink.

When the crowd saw Nathan emerge from the kitchen and finally join the party, everyone cheered. A few people came up to him to wish him a happy birthday, the guys did those weird handshakes that every guy somehow knows how to do, and the occasional girl would come up to him in efforts to dance but he didn't spare any of them a second glance.

Hayden came in from the backyard and gave Nathan a big smile. "Where have you been man? I've been looking for you!"

"In the kitchen," Nathan slurred. "I've been drinking a lot."

Nathan's friend chuckled and gave me a pointed stare. "Is this your doing?"

"It was a team effort," I respond with a big grin.

Hayden rolled his eyes and then patted Nathan on the back. "Well, Happy Birthday. You two enjoy your night!"

I stared at Hayden for a moment after what he said, trying to find a hint of venom or sarcasm in his voice, but instead, I found neither. He was simply laughing as he shook his head while walking back to the firepit in the backyard.

"Ready to dance, princess?" Nathan said loudly, in efforts to speak over the music that was rattling the whole house.

He placed his chin on my shoulder and wrapped his arm around my waist, causing me to lean into him, so close I could smell his cologne that smelt like evergreens.

I turned to face him and I could see the glimmer in his eye as I said, "Ready as I'll ever be."

"Rise and shine, my beautiful toxic humans!" A voice shouted, abruptly waking me from my deep slumber.

I opened my eyes and immediately bolted upright in my bed - who's bed is this?

Looking around the room, I saw nothing that striked me as familiar. The walls were not the pale yellow my room was painted, instead, it was a deep red and there was a window right above the bed.

Sun streamed in and I felt my head starting to pound so hard I thought I was going to vomit.

Turning to my right to look at the clock that hung above the closet, my heart stopped beating when I saw what was beside me.

More like who was beside me.

Attemping to flee from the bed, I got tangled in the blankets, landing on the floor and whacking my head on the nightstand.

"Aw fuck!" I yelled, but regretted it immediately as I heard Nathan stirring awake in the bed.

When he opened his eyes fully, he too bolted up and attempted to gather his surroundings. His eyes landed on me on the floor and he tilted his head. "What the hell are you doing on the floor?"

I opened my mouth to speak but the door swung open. Darian entered the room with a smug look on his face. "How hungover are you two?"

Nathan winced at his volume. "Dare, if you don't shut up, I'll eat you."

His brother rolled his eyes and gave me a strange look. "Why are you on the floor?"

I gave both Nathan and Darian an awkward smile. "I fell."

Neither of the two responded. After a minute or two of an awkward silence, I looked at Darian. "We didn't... you know... Did we?"

Nathan looked down on the bed and didn't say a word, meanwhile Darian let out a chuckle. "Oh God no. When you passed out, Audrey, Nathan brought you up here to sleep and Samara stayed with you guys to make sure that didn't happen."

Nathan let out a sigh of relief and I looked around the room to find Samara. "Well, where is she?"

"She woke up an hour ago and went on a Starbucks run," Darian said, now leaning on the door frame. "Do either of you guys remember anything from last night?"

Nathan and I exchanged a look and we both shook our heads as we let out a collective, "No."

My roommate let out a sigh. "Well, I'm not surprised. You guys probably should've died from alcohol poisoning with the amount you drank."

Suddenly, my stomach began to lurch and I bolted from the floor and stumbled down the hallway to the washroom. Slamming the door quickly, I began to get sick.

Never was I ever going to drink again. So far, I've gained a massive hangover and a whole night gone from my memory. 

"Princess," I heard Nathan's muffled voice through the door. "Are you okay?"

I groaned and leaned my head against the bathtub. "I want to die."

 Nathan let out a little chuckle and said, "I have some Advil if you want some."

Flushing the toilet, then rinsing out my mouth, I swung open the door. "That would be greatly appreciated."

When I opened the door, Nathan stood there with a glass of water and two Advil. He held both out for me and I took them graciously. "Thank you so much, Nate."

He gave me a bright, kind smile and nodded his head. As I took a sip of the water and swallowed the Advil, I felt his gaze on me. "What?"

Nathan scratched his head awkwardly and winced as he tried to form words. "Do you really not remember anything from last night?"

"No," I shook my head slowly. "Oh, God. Did I do anything embarrassing?"

Nathan let out a sigh and looked down at the floor, but quickly looked back up and gave my a tentative smile. "No, you didn't. You were perfect."

Without waiting for a reply, he walked away.

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