Our Future Part 2.

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The days were going by extremely slow for us and we were missing Kendall a lot. She hasn't been able to call and stuff because the photoshoots have been going on till late and she was tired. I was kind of okay with it but Scarlett was missing her and I could tell. I sent her over to Kris's house for the day while I decided to do something that all of us need.

I went on my laptop and bought two tickets for Paris smiling a little since I knew Scarlett would be excited. I messaged my parents and Kris and told them about it making them agree. I packed myself and Scarlett some clothes and brought it downstairs since the flight was later on today. I heard the front door and small footsteps running making me turn around and catch her.

Y/n:"Got you!"I said picking her up and holding her. She giggled and kissed my cheek making me smile at her.

Scarlett:"Hey Mama"She said making me kiss her cheek and greet her. I saw Kris walk in making me greet her as well.

Kris:"She sure can keep you on your feet"She said making me chuckle and shake my head.

Y/n:"Yeah, she's a bit of a hyper one"I said making Scarlett giggle while Kris laughed agreeing with me. We talked for a while and then bid each other goodbye.

Scarlett:"What can we do now?"She asked making me pick her up and place her on the counter smiling.

Y/n:"I have a little surprise"I said making her eyes sparkle a little"How would you like to see Mommy?"I asked making her look at me confused.

Scarlett:"How are we gonna do that? Mommy's working"She said making me chuckle at her cuteness.

Y/n:"Well, I got us tickets to go and see Mommy"I said making her squeal and and hug me. I chuckled and hugged her back telling her what we were going to do. She jumped down from the counter an sprinted to her room packing a carry bag. I chuckled and shook my head hearing my phone ring"Hello baby"I said smiling big.

Kendall:"Hey baby!"She said matching my excitement. I chuckled and took a seat"I miss you"She said making me pout.

Y/n:"I know baby, I do to"I said hearing her sigh"But its just a few more days"I said trying to hide my excitement since I'll be seeing her in a few hours.

Kendall:"I know, where's Scar?"She questioned making me come up with a lie.

Y/n:"She's having a nap"I said making her hum. I wanted her to talk to Scarlett but the little one might let it slip that we're going to surprise her. We talked for a few more minutes till she had to go since she wanted to sleep.

I helped put our bags in the car and made sure Scarlett had everything before I left. I locked up the house and then got in the car to see Scarlett hugging her teddy bear and looking out the window making me smile. As we drove over to the airport I doubled checked everything in my head making sure I had everything.

I helped Scarlett out the car and then made my way inside checking everything in. Once that was done we got on the plane and waited for take off. It wasn't her first time in a plane since Kendall and I took her to New York once so she was good with it.

Scarlett:"Mama look! The cloud looks so pretty"She said making me chuckle a little and listen to her as she told me about the clouds and what she thinks they look like.

Y/n:"Tired?"I questioned seeing her yawn and nod rubbing her eyes"Come on, get some sleep princess"I said making her nod and cuddle up to me.

I stayed up while Scarlett slept since I had some emails to answer and stuff. I texted Kris as well since I had a few things to discuss with her. Kendall and I's anniversary is coming up and I wanted to do something for her. I sighed and turned the laptop off getting comfortable since there were a few more hours to the flight.

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