Chapter 25- Blood

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Horror POV

Cross still hadn't stirred.
The healer was still tending to him. We had called Dream, but he didn't pick up. Nightmare, Killer and Dust had left to visit him. I was alone.
The daunting weight of my sins still burdened me. The traces of my dark past were still lingering with me. I couldn't let him find out. I can't let him find out. He means too much.
If he found out, he'd leave me. I couldn't let that happen.
I need him.
I need him.

Dust POV

When we arrived at Dream's house, he wasn't there. Nightmare seemed apprehensive. Killer asked him what was wrong, but he turned away. I had a heavy feeling. A terrible, terrible feeling. Killer frowned, bending down and picking up a small object. A star keychain dangled loosely from it. Dream's phone. It was out of battery. That would explain why he didn't answer.
"You should head back, Dust. See if Cross has woken. We'll keep looking for Dream." Killer flashed me a thumbs-up, but it didn't shake the awful feeling inside me. I sighed, nodded, then teleported to the door of Nightmare and Killer's apartment. We had moved Cross there, so that he had access to proper medical supplies since Dream kept buying them for Nightmare, saying something about 'Safety!!!'. To be honest, it was very big for an apartment. Nightmare, although despising his title, was, and still is, one of the Princes of the Tree. He had wanted to get a bigger house, but Killer disagreed. He never had a real home, so a huge house was a little too much to take in at once. Nightmare had bought the large apartment instead, and they lived together now. It was impressive how quickly the once empty apartment had turned into a sanctuary tailor-made for Nightmare and Killer. No one else.
Photos of Killer and Nightmare with various friends and family covered the walls. It was unknown to most that these were simply there to cover the bloodstained walls. The kitchen was full of Doritos and junk food, countered by Nightmare's side of the fridge which only contained a half-eaten pasta salad. The bedroom was actually very unusual; they slept on bunk beds, and, apart from that, nothing else was in the room. This was the result of Nightmare's insecurity of hurting Killer on accident if they had slept in the same bed, and Killer's obsession with weird furniture. There were no tables in the area ((see a few chapters back for reason)) and everything smelt like violets because Dream kept spraying everything with air freshener. There was a well-done painting hung on the wall of the corridor. It was of the Dreamtale Tree and had been a housewarming gift from Ink. It stuck out from everything else because of the bright gold paint Ink had used on the golden apples.

I pushed open the door apprehensively, the terrible feeling in my stomach rising to my throat. "Horror? Cross?" I called out, stepping into the hall. No response. I ventured further into the corridor. My heart stopped.


Fresh blood.


It was splattered on the walls. It shone in the bright light. I grimaced. Normally blood would be a common sight around here, but there was something unnerving about this particular specimen. Maybe it was because it was so fresh. Maybe it was because of the circumstances. It made the terrible feeling in my throat increase tenfold.

Swallowing sharply, I pushed open the kitchen door.



Horror stared at me, an insane look in his red eye and a crazy smile plastered on his face. He sat in a pool of blood. Beside him, the body of the dead healer lay, their glassy eyes staring into nothing. Shakily blood-drawn scribbles covered the walls.
"Dust..." Horror's voice was not his own. It was one of a madman. A crazy person. Not Horror. Not Horror. "I've been waiting for you. Do you like it? I did it for you... Ahahahahahahahaha!" Horror's insane laugh echoed around the small room. I backed up a little, my breathing quick and shallow. Not Horror, Not Horror, Not Horror...
"I need you, Dusty...." Horror laughed dryly. "I need you so much it hurts. I want to be a part of you. I want to be yours and I want you to be mine..." Horror moved towards me like a desperate child. "I need you, I need you, I NEED YOU! Ahahahahahaha!"
I backed up against the wall, horrified. My heart raced. I felt my limbs start to buckle. No......




I blacked out to the sound of insane laughs and the sight of deep crimson blood.

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