Contest 3//Valentines Day

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Hello everyone! It's February and since Valentine's Day is just around the corner it will be the theme for Contest 3!

Title: Queen of Hearts
Theme: Valentine/Red/Pink/White
Subtitle: They want lust. I want love. But how did I fall in love with a player?
Watermarks: Your username

•To submit tag me in the book with your cover so I can enter your amazing cover into this contest
•Contest ends February 28th
•You will get disqualified if you get caught for the following:
Using another person's cover

•Also while submitting(this is optional) please tag some people who would be interested in this competition~


•For people who do not know how to submit their cover, then here is how

•So pretty much in one of your books put the picture of the cover in it and tag me in that specific chapter. Then your entry will be officially submitted

 Then your entry will be officially submitted

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