chapter 2

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The next week of school was when you finally came in early. You sit in your designated chair and pull out your earbuds to listen to some music. After minutes of tapping your desk with the beat, someone suddenly ruffles your hair.

"Ah!" You say, surprised at the contact. "What the frick are you doing?!"

The person was Adrien, who is now laughing hysterically at ypur reaction. He didn't seem to answer your question, making you ask once more. "What is wrong with you?"

Eventually he stops laughing. "I'm just kidding," he ruffles you hair more lightly this time, with you slapping it away. You glare at his retreating form. You notice Nino came in, and bumps his fist with Adrien. You roll your eyes in annoyance and decided to doodle.

Class had finally began and somehow, you were paying attention. You needed to pass all of the subjects after all.

Suddenly, someone interrupts you in your writing. It was Marinette. "Y/N?" She whispers. You raise your eyebrows for a more quiet response. She does nothing but giving you a folded paper.

You furrow your eyebrows in confusion and unfold it, revealing a handwritten note.

'How are you holding up?'

Judging from the handwriting, you assume it was none other than the guy sitting in the front row, who's not Nino, Chloe, or Sabrina. You grit your teeth in frustration and ignore everything except the teacher's lectures.

It was now lunch time. Yay for food. You carry your lunch bag and decide where to eat properly. After seeing many occupied tables, you turn to walk away, not before someone calling your name.

"Y/N!" Alya shouts. "Come eat with us!"

You wear a small smile while walking towards them. "Hey, guys," you pull your lunch out. "Thanks for inviting me."

"Of course!" Marinette exclaims. "You're one of our friends."

Everyone agrees. You chuckle nervously before taking a bite from your usual (food).

The time goes by and lunch had finally ended. You and Adrien happen to walk side by side all the way to the classroom.

"Hey, Y/N," he says.

You face him, still walking. "Yeah?" You mutter quietly.

"Did you get the note I sent you?"

Your face scrunch for a moment, trying to remember the time you received something. "...nope," you lie.

Adrien doesn't seem to be fazed, however, he looks at you in the eyes. "Are you sure?"

"Yes." You look at his eyes too, just as he stares back into yours. You didn't notice that the two of you pause. "I am 100% sure." You insist.

Silence ensues. It was nothing but a staring contest between you and Adrien...

...until he pokes at your sides. "Are you sure?" Adrien asks again following with another poke.

You jump at the gesture, probably because you're ticklish. You grab ahold of his arm, but unfortunately, his other hand was free. Adrien then pokes your side with his other hand. "Are you sure?" He asks over and over again. You successfully tame his other hand, but the other one tries to escape. It did, and it was now tickling you non-stop.

"Oh my gosh, stop, stop!!" You pull away, glaring at his victorious smile. "Alright, sheesh. I read what you wrote."

Adrien chuckles, before you punch him in the shoulder. "Ow! What was that for?!" He asks you, clearly hurt as he rubs his pained shoulder up and down.

"That's for tickling the shit outta me, Agreste. It was unnecessary." You roll your eyes.

You turn your way and head to the classroom with only 2 minutes left, but he had to interfere.

"See you soon!" Adrien passes by, you earning a ruffle in the hair from him once more.

You groan in discomfort and fix your already disheveled hair while running to the classroom.

end of chapter two


aaaa im really sorry if it's getting boring!! i just want y/n and adrien have a clear friendshiP??? is that a bad thing?? i want them to start off as close friends ;-----;

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