As promised, here's the first chapter draft of the erotic romances from the Foreseen series

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As promised, here's the first chapter draft of the erotic romances from the Foreseen series. It's part 3 of the series I'm writing during a writing challenge called the 85K90. 

It's in draft form so there'll be mistakes with grammar, tense, plot, characterization, etc. So I'd love to hear your comments and critiques which I'll take note of as I enter the editing portion of the challenge from May to June. 

Without further ado, here's Jason and Jenna's story. Happy reading!

PS Thanks for the title suggestion goes to Wattpad member Triszjhkha.

"Someone knows."

Frantic, Jenna sat in her red Toyota Matrix outside the Yoga Sensations studio she worked as an instructor. She was supposed to meet him at Panera after class in fifteen minutes. It was a half-hour but she already wasted the first fifteen of those hyperventilating and then realigning her chakras through deep yoga breathing.

And now she wasting minutes talking to Bea on the speaker phone. Actually, she blamed Bea for this. If only she didn't allow Bea to talk her into writing and publishing that book, she wouldn't be in her current predicament.

"Someone knows what," Bea asked groggily. Jenna glanced at the time on her phone in the dashboard phone holder. It read 10:16. Was she still in bed?

"Did I wake you?" Jenna heard some rustling over the phone and a male voice murmuring 'who's that baby?' "Oh my god. I did. Tell Lance I said sorry."

"No need," said Bea. Jenna heard distant running water and gurgling before Bea came back. "So what's this about? Who knows what?"

"Someone knows I wrote that book," she hissed. She quickly looked around to make sure no one could overhear then leaned forward over the clutch and whispered into the phone, "That yoga sex book."

Bea didn't say anything for such a long time Jenna wondered if she fell back asleep. "Hello? Bea?"

"I'm still here."

"Then why didn't you say anything? I need your help?"

"I just don't see the problem. You were bound to be found out eventually anyways. Why not embrace the fame?"

Jenna heard more clattering noise over the phone. Knowing Bea, she'd just spent a vigorous night with Lance and was parading through her kitchen making breakfast.

"If I were you I would," continued Jenna. "But I'm not."

"If you were me?" Bea all of a sudden sounded much too awake. And amused. "What you mean?"


"Just what?" pressed Bea.

Jenna groaned, ran her hands through her hair, disentangling the strands from her messy updo bun in the process. She knifed backwards, her head tilted up at the sunroof and sighed as if her life was coming to the end.

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