Baecation; Stephen Curry {R}

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~I took her on a baecation~
~She fell in love with the way I tasted~
~I fell in love with the way she take it~
~Go down on it girl, I know you wanna ~taste it~

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie: Baecation

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie: Baecation

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Cherish's P.O.V.

I smiled as I felt his protective arms around my waist.
"Good morning Wardell." I smiled, as he peppered my neck with kisses.

"Good morning princess. How did you sleep?"

"Amazingly. The bed was really comfortable and to wake up to this scene is amazing." I said, sighing in content, while still looking at the ocean view.

"I'm glad you love it." He smiled, spinning me towards him.

I chuckled and kissed his lips.
"Thank you for taking me here baby. Hawaii is amazing." I smiled, looking up at him.

Steph had decided to take me on a last minute trip to get my mind off of my stressful job back home and help me relax.

He kissed back and gripped my thighs.
"Anything for my babygirl."

I smiled and laid back on the bed.
"Another great part about this trip is that I get to sleep in."

He smiled and followed me with a smirk.
"Just me and you in bed all day. What can we do?" He asked rhetorically.

He made a trail of kisses from my stomach down to the insides of my thighs as he took off my red thong with his teeth. My breath hitched as he looked up at me with his piercing green eyes. He carefully grabbed my thighs, separating them and kissing the insides of them, moving closer to my heat. Kissing my clit carefully as I shifted a bit. He started to lick between my folds and sucking on my clit lightly.

"Steph.." I moaned lightly.

"Shh. Babygirl, just lay back."

He started sucking on my clit more harshly. I whimpered and let out a moan. He started going faster, humming into me. The vibrations caused me to grab onto Steph's hair, lightly tugging at it as I pushed his head closer into me.

"Ah! Steph just like that!" I moaned loudly.

He took his middle and index finger started pushing them in and out of me as he continued eating me out. This made me moan loudly as I tugged harder on his hair, causing him to groan. The vibrations once again caused me to become a moaning mess. I looked down at him, seeing that he was studying every facial expression that I was making in pleasure.
My breathing became labored as I bit my lip, feeling my high coming on.

"Oh. Fuck Steph I'm cumming!"

"Hold on babygirl."

He started moving his head faster and working his fingers faster that found my g-spot as I pushed his head further in. I let out a loud moan, letting him know that I couldn't hold it in anymore. My legs began to shake as I gripped his hair tighter as I came all over his fingers and tongue. He hovered above me, placing his lips on mine, allowing me to taste myself.
I was struggling to catch my breath as he looked down at me with a smirk.

"I told you it would be a good idea to take a 'baecation'." He smiled, placing a final kiss on my lips.

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