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Schools like shit and I'm super busy (sigh). So here's the next chapter. Enjoy 💕


It's said that a person who isn't afraid of anything doesn't exist. Also, you can't stop fearing something by pretending it doesn't exist. I've tried to do that. I ignored the fact that Andrew is a vampire and the fact that he could hurt me.

I gave in. His fangs were deeply buried in my neck. Warm blood was sliding down and I felt I was losing strength. I felt that I was going away.

I look into Andrew's black eyes as he looks into mine. His eyes were full of pain while staring at me. Probably because I'm kinda losing a lot of blood right now. He snaked his arm around my waist and caressed my hair. He whispered that everything's going to end soon. I nodded. I was hovering towards the ceiling when I heard a powerful blast in the distance.

"You! Damn you! LEAVE HER ALONE!" A familiar voice came across the room.


"Well... Well... Look who plucked up the courage to join us." He let out a small laugh.

"I'm not afraid of you Andrew. And I won't let you hurt Sarah!"

"A brave man in love, but in vain. Your girlfriend has made her choice. She is on a road with no return. She's mine now." He smirks as he tightened his arm around my waist and back.


"What if I say no?"

"Step away from her, Andrew! You don't want bloodshed here, do you?"

"And you think I'll let it happen, huh?" He smirks. "Even if it happens, it'll be your blood."

Jason marched forward with fuel anger and lift his right hand to punch Andrew. With a swift, Andrew let Jason punched nothing but air. Jason missed his punch. Andrew's arms were still strongly holding me.

Jason marched again to kick Andrew's side but stopped when Andrew hold his leg still. I took this chance to push Andrew away. I need to stop them. They can't fight over me. That's just plain stupid.

As I push him, I accidentally slip over my own blood and slammed my head on the floor. I felt new warm blood sliding down from my head. I'm too weak to move so I let myself lie on the floor.

"Sarah! No!" I heard Andrew's yelling at me before getting pushed on the floor and being punched over and over again by Jason.

"You. Fucking. Trash. Don't. You. Dare. Touch. Her. Again." He punched between his words until he feels satisfied. Andrew got no effort to fight back. His eyes were still on me. His eyes were sad and regretful.

"Jason," I whispered, but loud enough for him to hear. He stops punching and runs towards me. He lifted my head and put on his lap.

"Baby, are you okay? Please say something." God knows how hurt and weak I am right now, but I can't make the situation even worse. I gave him a slow nod, giving a sign that I'm okay. Jason looks relieved.

Andrew stands up and looks at us. His bruise and cuts were healed. Jason watched him with shocked and disbelieved.

"Wait, did you just... But the cuts... I just.. Holy shit."

He gave us a smile. A scary smile.

"Forget already huh? I'm a vampire. I got self-healing powers. Did you really think that you're tough enough to beat me?" He smirks as his eyes become darker.

He steps forward and stops two feet in front of us. He looks at me with no reaction. He's about to say something but stops when Layla came from the shadows. She approached Andrew silently and whispered something. I couldn't guess what she was telling him but it made him retreat. Just like that.

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