Chapter - Prank Preparation

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A/N the girls in the pic above are Thea (20 years old) she is Derek's younger sister, and Georgia aka Georgie/George (3 years old) she is Thea's daughter.

Poppy's POV

I was awoken by a warm shaft of sunlight falling accross my face. It took me a few minutes to fully awaken and realixe where I was.
Right.... Aunt Polly... my bunny... and oh... CANDY! need food and sugar and coffee and chocolate and more candy... and a cookie......

My bedroom door creaking open brought me out of my sugary daydreams and I realized there was a little girl peering into the room. When she saw me looking at her, she giggled and came further into my room, coming over to look in my bunnys cage. She peered into the cage then giggled again, an adorable bell like sound that made any anxiety I had fly out the window. Suddenly she whirled around and clambered up onto the bed beside me.

"I'm Georgia... but you can call me George." She announced, sticking her hand out for me to shake. I couldn't help but laugh she was so cute.

"Hi George, my name is Poppy, and the bunnys name is Cole... do you want to hold him." I said. If it was possible her already bright face lit up and she bounced on the bed with excitement. "Ooooooh yeah...but we have to go eat, Auntie is making pancakes with chocolate chips..... aaaannnnd Uncle is down stairs trying to eat Aunties face," she rambled on. I burst out laughing at the look of worry on the little angels face for Auntie. Then I climbed off of the bed and told her she could play with Cole until I was dressed, then we could go downstairs and save Aunt Polly. I hurried through a quick shower, using my favorite strawberry and cream body wash that smelled like starbursts. When I was done and dressed, I helped George put Cole back in his cage. Then I followed the little tike down the stairs to the kitchen where it seemed that Aunt Polly was indeed getting her face eaten by Derek. Both George and I hollered "EEEEEREEWWWWW" causing the couple to jump and break apart from their embrace. Aunt Polly looked embareassed and flushed but Derek looked pleased with the typical arrogant macho pride. 'HMMM.... Definite prank material... take him down a notch or two' the inner voice whispered. Wonderfull.

We sat down to eat, chatting about the plans for the day and why Georgie calls Aunt Polly Auntie. As it turned out, George is Derek's younger sister, Thea's, daughter. Thea got pregnant with Georgie when she was 16 by her highschool boyfriend and they married as soon as Thea graduated from high school even though she had a two year old to take care of. She was sooo cute and sweet. From the first vision of her peeping into my room, I was already half in love with the adorable creature.

Well, back to the plans for the day. Derek was heading out for business while Aunt Polly and I were going to babysit Georgie for the day, so Thea who was 3 months pregnant had a day off. We were going to the craft store in town, then the trampoline park. I had already came up with a list of pranking supplies I could get without it seeming too suspicious. I was ready for some chaos.
Lets see... once we got to the store, I would run for the peel-off spray paint and some glue, then modeling clay,  clear plastic sheeting, among other things. My prank on Derek was in the works. I was planning to make it look like I had taken a base ball bat to his fancy car then decorated it. I would crack up the hard plastic sheeting then stick it to the windshield and windows too look like they were smashed. Then I would take the modeling clay and make it look like it was a dented part of the car and paint over it to match. Then i would use the washable paint to draw decorations all over. It will look like his car is ruined but all he will have to do is taking it to a car wash and pressure wash off the clay and paint, then peel off the plastic sheeting. But, he won't know that.... hehehehe, plans in motion... lets see how this goes.

After we got back to the house, Thea came to pick up Georgie, who was reluctant to leave Cole until I promised she could come on a walk with him tomorrow.
Derek arrived for supper and we ate. I feigned exhaustion and went off to bed, preping everything for the prank, waiting until the house turned silent and dark. It was about 11 pm when I started in. I used some of the rope and canvas bags I got to let the stuff out my window then clambered down the tree myself. I started in, applying the plastic to the glass. It took me a little over 20 minutes to do that, then I started applying the painted molded clay to look like dents and scratches. I was close to being finished when I glanced at the time, 12:02 and checked the house for any signs of life.
It was chilly out, whispy clouds being blown away, revealing a clear bright almost full moon and tiny pinpricks of sparkling stars. I shivered evertime the breeze blew because I was only in a sports bra, tank top and sleep shorts....Brrrr.
Once I finished with the dents, there was a rustle behind me, by the big pine at the side of the house. I froze, the old familliar anxiety of the unknown crashing over me like a tidal wave. Starting to panic, I grabbed all the leftover supplies and decided I was done, forget the extra decorations. I was shaking as I hid the stuff in the big bush next to the tree that I used to climb down. The wind blew softly carrying the sound of a soft growl to my ears and the crunch of leaves. Now I  was trembling so badly that I knew there was no way I could get up the tree and in my window. Panting in fear, I pressed my back to the tree and strained my eyes, trying to see into the thick shadows.
"Who's There" I managed to whisper...

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