Secrets [Karma Akabane]

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Sobbing uncontrollably, as you found Nagisa dead in the forest on the mountains. It was a horrific sight.

You didn't know who and why would they do this. Nagisa was innocent and did nothing wrong. He was a sweet boy helping others.


"And that's how I found him, I told Karma and he helped." You tried hard not to cry.

"Thank you for the information, the policemen and I will investigate it soon." Sasaki replied, jotting the notes down.

You felt shaken, Karma sat next to you as he patted your back. "Why did he have to go? Why?" He sobbed for his best friend. You hugged the male and rested your head on his chest, stifling the sniffles.

"I miss Nagisa." You cried.

"Me too Y/N, we all do..." The male rested his chin on your head where you couldn't see his expression.

He smirked as his eyes went cold. Everything was falling into place bit by bit.

At least Nagisa is gone now, I can have her to myself. I can be there for her because she's mine.


important author's note coming up

Uhh that escalated quickly. Anyways I'm writing your requests however I've started all of them halfway, I don't know how to finish it...

Karma ain't innocent isn't he?

important author's note coming up

- Kuurochii

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