A monster within [Karma Akabane]

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Requested by: YandereQuin

Karma Akabane x Ghoul! Reader | AU 

I was quite unsure the way you requested, however ghouls do live in secret with humans but people are aware they exist. You dress like the image above, (the mask). Contains violent acts, blood and JUST MONIKA.


"I don't have friends... I only have one." 


The unknown shadow loomed over the male. Creeping closer before speaking,"Omae wa mou shindeiru..." 

"N-Nani?!" The male shrieked back as he walked back.

Karma woke up. The same dream he had for many years now. Ever since his friend Nagisa was eaten by a ghoul he had never been the same. He remembered the moment so well, his friend had his organs ripped out of him. 

It was a normal night coming back from Karaoke as the group was separating and going home. Karma and Nagisa walked past an alley way and was suddenly pulled into the dark place. It was dimly lit, blood splashed on the walls. In different shades of red, he thought he saw a heart. The sight made him want to throw up his dinner, a growl was heard. 

"Nagisa are you seeing this?" Karma quivered.


Karma hope he was just seeing things. It happened in a flash, the next minute Nagisa was not behind him. A scream was heard from behind the trashcan and Karma turned on his phone flashlight, Nagisa eaten alive. His organs ripped out, afraid the male ran the other way.

Ever since that day, nothing has been the same.

Getting dressed, Karma grabbed the files off his table as he headed to the headquarters of the CCG. When Nagisa died, he swore to get revenge on every ghoul, avenging his death. He was one of the very best ghoul investigators in the ward.

'The Red Head Assassin.'


You snickered as you flipped over the newspaper, reading the headlines. "Two humans found dead... The work of ghouls?"

"What's so funny Y/N?" 

"Well,  it's just amusing watching people suffer, Maehara."

"Such a sadist, forever and always." The male sighed as he watched his friend giggle at the amount of deaths.

"... yet you aren't able to kill a single human, only eating victims who suicide."



You used to be a normal human with a happy life. Attending high school until you were caught in an accident. You were driven to school by your parents and got into a car crash. Pretty cliche right? You were the only one to survive, you didn't have other relatives as your grandparents had passed away.

When you woke up in the hospital, you had a desire to eat human meat. Asking them where you were they replied, "A home for people who don't have parents." Leaving your room were students roaming around in white clothes. Bandaged up in multiple places. You headed to the cafeteria feeling hungry. This place was quite suspicious but where else could you go?

A boy caught your attention. His eyes were bandaged, covered up yet he was somehow walking without bumping into anymore. His hair was tied in two pigtails making him look feminine. He seemed to smile, despite the situation he was in. "H-Hello..." An unknown voice spoke. You turned around to see a male who was dressed in the same clothes as you. 

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