Chapter-8 "A Threat"

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Me and Jaques were walking down the hall and he was describing everything that came in our way.

Every family photo every momento.
At the turning point of the hall a huge painting of a breathtakingly beautiful lady holding a little baby in her arms hung.
I stopped in front of it and stared at the painting in awe.

"that's you and your mother our king's first wife"
I was filled with emotions, this was my birth mother she was so beautiful and I resembled her she had blue eyes like me and her skin was pale.
I asked Jaques
"How was she,I mean what was she like? "
Jaques smiled and answered
" She was a very kind lady. She had a heart of gold. When she was alive the palace used to be so filled with happiness. One unfortunate day the purebloods attacked us and set our palace on fire" Jaques paused a look of sorrow passed his face and then after a while he continued
" unfortunately queen passed away in the fire but we somehow managed to save you" " the king thought that it'll be best for you if you were hidden for a while because the purebloods won't stop until they killed you"

I was very perplexed after hearing this. Millions of questions roamed in my mind
Who were the purebloods?
Why would they wanted to kill me?

Jaques understood my confusion and said
"Little princess you will get to know everything and soon all your questions will be answered"
I nodded. Just then I heard a bell and Jaques Said
" Sorry Princess I'll have to go the king is calling me you can go wherever you want just don't go to the basement it'll be best if you avoid going there"

I nodded and Jaques took off. I started roaming in the hall.
As I was looking at some family pictures I noticed something in every royal family picture there was a man and a boy. The man was about the king's age at that time and the boy was a bit older then me. I thought that he must be the king's brother or something and I shrugged it off.

As I was roaming in the corridor I came across a huge gate. I opened it and entered it.

It seemed like a library. All kinds of manuscripts and old books were there.
I went near one of the shelves and examined it.

Just then someone grabbed my waist tightly. I panicked and turned around and saw a man about 20 years. He was stunning he had deep hazel eyes and he had messy blonde hair. He was about 6'3 and he was wearing a tux. He leaned closer to me and I closed my eyes.
He gently tucked a loose strand of hair behind my ear. He then came closer to me. His smell was intoxicating. I almost fainted. He then placed his hand under my dress and started to caress my thighs. I bit my lower lip. I small moan of approval passed my lips. Then suddenly something in him snapped and in a quick motion he lifted me up and started sucking my collarbone.

It started to hurt me and I started to protest but his grip was too strong.
It was then when I really feared for my life. He didn't seem friendly I decided I have to do something sooner or later

I bit his hand and he screeched in pain he dropped me to the floor and I ran for my life. But to my surprise he was surprisingly fast he caught me again in no time.

"what the fuck are you trying to do moon? "

The weirdo whom I now knew was
Moon chuckled humorlessly I ran and hid behind Jaques. He was radiating anger.

" you know right that who she is".!? Jaques screamed at Moon
"huh.. Who? " he replied with a smirk
" she is the fucking princess she is the first daughter of the king"

All the color drained out of Moon's face.
"Are you fucking kidding me..? " Moon growled
" Do I look like I'm joking around"?

With that Jaques held my hand and started walking towards the door I looked back and that bastard winked at me. That was it I couldn't hold the anger anymore I walked over to him and slapped him hard across the face.

"I'll fucking kill you" was the last words I heard from him before Jaques pulled me to the gate

I guess I invited myself trouble..!

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