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My name is Y/N. In everyone's eyes, I might look like a normal girl....

But I'm not

Author P.O.V

A girl with h/l h/c hair is walking thought the corridor. She will be a new student in a high school.

'This school seems interesting...' Y/N thought. She keeps walking until she reached a door of the principal's office.

Y/N gives the door a little knock. "Come in!" A voice is heard from the other side. Y/N opens the door and enters. A woman in her mid 30 look up from her paperwork and look at Y/N.

"Ah... You must be the new student attending today.... I'm Ayuko... The principal you can call me Miss Yuko" Ayuko said. Y/N bow her head as a sign of respect. Ayuko took out a slip of paper and hand it to Y/N. "That would be your schedule for this year. I hope you enjoy your time in this school" Ayuko said. "Thank you" Y/N said and bow once again. She turns around and walk out of the principal's office.


I look down at the schedule. '3.A... Looks like that would be my class... Oh well. How bad could it be?' I thought to myself. I start making my way to the class.

I finally manage to find the class. I take a deep breath, then I knock on the door. "Come in..." I heard someone said from the other side. I open the door. Every eyes instantly turns to me.

"Ah... You must be Y/N, the new student that will be joining today. I'm Takumi... I'll be your Sensei for this English Class" Mr. Takumi said. "Yes... I'm the new student" I said. Mr. Takumi smile and gesture to the class. "Would you mind introducing yourself?" He asks. "Sure thing..." I said. Then I walk towards the front of the class.

The boys are staring at me with a blushing face. 'What's up with them?' I thought. I just ignore it and continue. "I'm Y/N L/N... Nice to meet you. Please take care of me" I said, bowing.

"Thank you for the brief introduction Y/N-Chan... Now you can take a seat next to Iki Hiyori. Hiyori please raise your hand" Mr. Takumi said. Then there's a girl with long hair raise her hand. I walk over to the seat next to her and sit down. She turns to me and smile "I'm Hiyori... Though you already know that. Nice to meet you, Y/N-Chan" she said. I nod my head as a 'nice to meet you too.' She smile, then turn her attention to the teacher.

It was time for lunch. Every student gets up from their seat, then hurried to the door. I just stay on my seat. "Y/N-Chan?" I heard someone call out. "Hm?" I turn my attention to see who it was, to see Hiyori. "You're nod coming to the cafeteria? It's time for lunch... Aren't you hungry?" She asks. "Not really... I don't want to meet to many people...." I said. "You're a shy type aren't you?" She asks. "Um..." Was all I manage to let out. "Wait here then... I'll be back soon" she said, running out of the room.

'What a strange girl... She seems really friendly. But whatever... She'll fear me, once she know the real me....' I thought. Looking at the door she just go through.

About 15 minutes later, she came back. Holding a tray of food that contains two plate. She smile and place a plate in front of me. I look down at the plate in front of me. Then I look at her. "You really shouldn't buy me this" I said. She shook her head "but I wanted to. Just think of it as a welcome from me. For joining this school" she said, smiling at me. I just look at her and nod my head. "You don't talk much, do you?" She asks. I just shrug. She just smile and sit down next to me and start eating.


Hiyori invite me to visit her home. She said she wants to hang out with me. I just agree, since I don't have anything better to do. Besides, there is no harm done, right?

So we are currently walking towards Hiyori's home. We talk along the way. Well... Hiyori talks... I just stayed silent and would respond when she asks me a questions.

You see... I'm not really fond being around human. I'm not a normal human. What am I? You'll know soon.

After a while of walking, we finally reached her home. "Welcome to my house" Hiyori said. I just look at the house. Normal human wouldn't able to see them... But I could. Phantoms... A dark creature lurking around in human world. I place my hand on my back and start forming a kanji word. The phantoms exploded.

"Y/N-Chan?" Hiyori called out, waving her hand in front of my face. I jump "yes?" I said. "What are you looking at? This is just a normal house" she said. "Um... But your house seems so welcoming...." I said. "It does?" She said. I nod my head. I can't let her know... Not now.

She smiles and allow me to enter her house. "Mom! Dad! I'm home" Hiyori said. Then a woman that looks like the older version of Hiyori came. "Your dad is still at work, sweetie" she said. Then she turns to me "I see you've brought a friend, dear" she said. Hiyori wrap an arm around my shoulder "this is Y/N L/N. She's a new student. She seems very lonely so I decide to invite her. Is that okay?" Hiyori asks her Mom. Her Mom smile and look at me. "Of course... A friend of Hiyori would always be welcomed her" she said. I bow my head to show my respect.

Hiyori grabs my hand and lead me upstairs, then to a room. "This is my room... Sorry if it's a bit messy" she said, rubbing her head as if she's embarrassed. I shake my head "it's fine... It's pretty neat to me" I said.

Then we spend the entire evening hanging out and talk to each other. Hiyori and I became a fast friends. She's really friendly. She'll be my first human friend.

*to be continued*

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