Chapter 19

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"Yes dad. I'll take a look at it" I exhaled exhaustedly slouched back in the office chair furiously rubbing my tired eyes. I've been sitting in this office practically since I woke up this morning. It was suppose to be such a great day. Wake up with Anya kissing and loving all over me and spend the day celebrating with Anya before going out to a club tonight. My dad's annoying ringtone interrupted my good mood in the middle of breakfast. I was going to ignore it... but Anya wouldn't allow it. Dad wished me a happy birthday – so did mom – in a sleepy voice. We spoke for a while about our trip but, that soon came to a stop when dad mentioned something went wrong with the business again and dear old dad felt it necessary to fix it now.

So instead of spending my birthday having fun with the love of my life and her friends – who planned a day of activities followed by a night of drinking and dancing – I'm here, fixing some or other server error and listening to my dad criticize and complain. The only time I ever saw another person is when Anya brought me lunch and a steady supply of coffee. Each time she entered the office holing some form of sustenance, beaming that radiant smile of hers causing my attention to shift from the stress on my computer screen to her delightfully sexy presence. My dad's annoying voice becoming background noise the closer she gets. I just wanted to reach out and pull her into my lap and hide myself in the warmth of her delicious little body. But I could sense the disappointment coming off her, and that made me cower from my need for her touch. That and dad would be more than pissed at me.

*** *** ***

"Fine Demitri" dad sighed dramatically "I guess I can handle things from here"

"Great!" I exclaimed tiredly. It's 7 PM and I'm far too tired and sore to go out tonight.

"Before you go" dad enquires before I could end the call on him "Your mother wants to talk to you"

Suddenly my smiling mother pops on camera holding a cupcake with a lit candle on it "happy birthday sweetheart"

"Mom, you didn't have to –" I start to protest

"Nonsense! I always bake cupcakes on your birthday" she states matter-of-factly "now close your eyes, make a wish and blow out the candle"

I know I'm too old to believe these birthday wishes will actually come true, but it makes her happy – much to my father's dismay – to do these silly traditions. So I indulge her. I closed my eyes and made my wish, couldn't hurt right?  And blew a breath at the computer screen. When I opened my eyes, the candle was dead and mom was smiling ear to ear.

"Happy birthday sweetheart. Now, go and have fun with Anya" she blew me a kiss and hung up before dad could get in another word.

I sighed, as I fell back into the - what should be comfortable but now feels like sitting on a brick wall, cushioned office chair covering my face with my hands... I need a shave. I felt small hands on my shoulders and I couldn't help but smile seeing Anya standing behind me rubbing her hands on my shoulders.

"Tired?" she asks now kneading her nimble fingers into tense muscles of my neck and shoulders. I relaxed completely with a content hum as her wonderful hands continued massaging my shoulders.

Soon my eyes closed on their own as I relaxed into her touch. I was just about to doze off when I felt her cold fingers trailing into the collar of my flannel shirt, her right hand sliding lower across my left pectoral grazing my nipple in the proses. Her hot breath fanning my ear as she kisses and nibbles on the lobe and the flesh just behind my ear.

"Hmmm, your teasing me baby" I stated feeling goosebumps appear on my sensitized skin

"Hmm? Am I?" she questioned oh so innocently before pulling away from me in one smooth motion. I glared at her in protest grabbing her arm in a attempt to pull her to my side again.

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