I'm Bringing Up Some Things, Leave If You're Too Young (7 & Below)

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So, it's come to my attention:

People use WattPad as a venting source.

I don't, but, in all honesty, only a few very close people know my backstory, about my family, or anything like that.

Most of the world believes I'm an innocent, quirky girl, with an amazing, loving, sister, an incredibly smart father, a loving mother, and a nice house, from I guess, previous jobs.

That's my surface.

Below that, is a dirty mind, a brain I can't even comprehend (and it's mine), and many more things.

I try to not sit and wallow in my sadness, or get depressed.

But there are a few papers, filled with my sorrows.

But then, I have to remember:

I'm not alone.

I'm NEVER quite alone.

I have a wonderful thing, and it's called friends, family, and people who care about you. 

If you think nobody would care if you, that it would just be small, nobody would notice if you suddenly left.

That would be the most wrong thing you would ever say in your life.

Instead of sitting in your sorrows, letting the darkness swallow you, fight it. I gained friends, who've for years helped me fight my darkness, and I've fought theirs with them. Friendship is a beautiful thing, a thing that should not only be a thought in one's brain, but a cherished item, a sacred grove of peace. 

If you're with the wrong friends, people who won't listen to you, will shut you down, will only throw you further into the darkness...

Maybe you should get some better friends.

For years, I've been holding onto a small piece of chance that some dark part of me, might one day be solved.

Do you know what that part is?

I always have it, no matter what, and it helps me look for a better tomorrow, find the good in people..


I am full of hope.

"I am full of tough hope," Hatchet, by Gary Paulsen.

"I am full of tough hope," Hatchet, by Gary Paulsen

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