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"Take him into intensive care immediatley!"

"I thought the boy didn't get shot?"

"No but he's got serious injuries, wounds that need stitching, we think he's been drugged. He needs help right away Chris, what are you waiting for?"

Trying to keep myself under control, I nodded and sprinted down the hall. Rushing down the stairs to the intensive care unit, I barged through the doors. I didn't look at any other patients, I knew I just needed to get to the boy.

"Dr Fell?" I called her. "Where is he?"

"He's in the x-ray room," she replied as she filled in a form. "When he gets our you're gonna have to go stitch him up,"

"Right, give me details?"

"13 years old, his name's Gabriel Storm. Deep cuts over his inner thighs, bruises covering most of his body, he doesn't react well to light. Police investigating the house found chains in the basement, blood on the floor, the blood matches the boys. They think he was kept in the basement,"

"Oh my God,"

"We're also going to run a rape assessment,"

"What? Who the hell raped him?!"

"His Dad," she sighed. "Look Chris we don't have time for this,"

"That's fucking sick!" I cried. "So this poor innocent boy gets beaten and raped by the man he's supposed to look up to? Do you know what I'd do to be able to have a kid? Fucking anything! That man doesn't deserve that little boy,"

"Right well go help him," she grabbed my shoulders and pushed me towards the x-ray room. "Just wait here and stay calm. You can't help out the kid if you're freaked out like this,"

"Ok," I brushed the hair from my eyes and took in a deep breath. "Ok,"

The door opened and 3 more doctors rushed off, a gurny being pushed by one of them. And on the gurny, was a young boy.


He was..goodlooking. More so than most 13 year old boys. He was unhealthily skinny yet his body seemed perfect and his eyes were barely open. They were green. He had bruises covering his body. In nothing but a pair of black boxers, his cuts were exposed.

All I wanted to do was help him.


He was sleeping. Unconscious. Eyes were closed, he was probably dreaming. The evidence was clear enough, he'd been raped. STD results were going to come through in a few hours but he wasn't showing any symptons. He was just scared.

Stitches were done. It didn't take too long. He had scars from previous events obviously, His Dad really hurt him. Some scars were so big. Most of them were on his chest, his arms, his back and inner thighs.

It was disgusting.

Now I was just kind of sat there, in his room. I just felt sorry for the kid, I felt his pain. I'd never, ever been abused. I'd had a happy childhood, but I always felt strongly about this kind of stuff. I liked to see kids hpapy, I just loved kids in general. And when I found out that parents abused their children, it sickened me.

I'd seen a few abuse cases. None of them had been as bad as this though. I'd never met a boy who had actually been raped by his own Father. That, along with any other form of abuse was just disgusting.

"You've been here for an hour," Dr Ross murmured as he walked inside. "Don't you have more pateints to go?"

"My shift ended," I said quietly. "Have you seen this kid's file?"

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