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Jilly pov:
I was chilling in my room when armon came in the room looking drunk asf. He had a hicky on his neck. He was hard asf. Lemme fill u in. He's been forcefully having sex with me every night since June. It's August. Oh and I'm not allowed to call him armon unless we're in public or I'll get my ass beat. It's master or daddy. Nothing more nothing less.  "Yes daddy" I said as he stumbled over to me. He just stared at me. Then he kissed me. I slapped him. "WHO U BEEN CHEATING ON ME WITH ARMON" I screamed angrily. He slapped me and shoved me on the bed. "LET ME GO" I screamed tears falling from my face. He undressed himself And ripped my clothes off of me before handcuffing me to the bed. "Don't need my baby running from this dick" he said And forced him self into me. I cried out as more tears fell down my burning face. "Armon please stop" I begged. He shook his head and began to ruthlessly pound into me. 5 minutes and he came INSIDE ME. He let me go and walked out. I just cried. 10 minutes later...
Belcalis pov
My sister was screaming and begging him to stop. I cried and tried to get up. Trey yanked me back down and sent me a death glare. "Not yo FUCKING business" he spat. Queen jumped up and grabbed my sisters gun and held it against treys head. "Let her go trey.LET HER GO" she said angrily. Then 5 minutes later armon stumbles downstairs and out the door. All I heard was crying. We ran upstairs. "Pack your shit baby sis we leaving" I said. Yes I'm the older twin. "Hell beat my ass" was all she said. "Sis let's go" I said. "Okay" She said crying. She packed and walked outside and got in the car. Me and queen grabbed our shit and left. Bye bye tap house. We went to the store to get snacks . Then we spotted Airi. "Wassam boo" I said. " hey sis" she said. "Come with me queen and sis to nyc babes." I suggested. "Hell yeah" she said. As we were shopping I get a notification. "Jillyanais just posted a photo". I clicked on it.

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Jillyanais  if only you knew
Queennaija  it's gone getter better boo
Iamcardib  where that nigga at sus
_treytraylor  get over it it was a damn accident guhh
Armon.warren bring yo ass home now
Jillyanais @armon.warren @_treytraylor HELL NO

THATS MY MF SIS. We just got to the airport to get tickets when we spot.....
To be continued

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