||Oh God||

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You get to school

"Ugh, here we go."

2 boys come up you and make fun of you.

You smack them and tell them to stop bothering you

"Haha, that's funny." you laugh

You get to class to see Jungkook in there

"Oh Jungkook.."

You smile and bite your lip while you go to take a seat

The whole morning passes by

"I can't believe its friday today is the day."

He looks at you and smiles

You smile at him and also blush

???: "Will you go out with me ____.?"

"Sorry, but you just got rejected." you say

The person walks away and the bell rings

You grab your bookbag and you bump into Jungkook

"Whoa, Calm down there!" You laugh

"S-Sorry." he says

"It's fine!" you bite your lip

You both walk to lunch together

"Hey so what have you done?" you say

"U-Um, I've been dancing."

"You kinda look familiar!"

"WHAT?! Nooooo! Pffffftt!

You laugh at him


He comes to pick you up

You hear a knock

"Ah! I think that's him!!"

You run downstairs and open the door

"Ready?" he says

"Ready.." you reply

You both walk to a restaurant close to home

"Have you u-um ever got in a talent show?"

"N-No" you say

"Hey um _____ can I tell you something?"

"Anything!" you smile

"You know what ill tell you later."


You both walk home

"Hey um so remember when I said I needed to tell you some-"

You fall on the cold ground

Jungkook is in shock for what he has seen

"____? ____!!!!" (Say your name right there or watever)

He picks you up and brings you to his house

You wake up

"Where am I- JUNGKOOK?!"

Your in his pajamas

"D-Did you change me?"

"Y-Yes...IM SORRY!"

You both blush

"There very comfortable" you laugh

"Haha, I hope your not mad." he says worried

"Its fine!" you say

"You sure??"

"Mhm!!" you say

He looks into your eyes

"Did I ever tell you that your eyes are amazing?"

You laugh

You grab him and kiss him you jump on him

"Wanna be my G-Gir-"


You both start kissing each other you both get on the bed and start kissing like crazy

~~2 years later..~~

Your both at a restaurant

"So Jungkook! How was yesterday?"

"Good sweetie."

You tap on your cheek

"C'mon, kiss me on the cheek :3"

He laughs an leans in to give you a kiss on the mouth instead of cheek

~~2 mins later~~

"I've been wanted to do this.."

He gets on a knee and opens the little box

"Will you marry me?"

Your in great shock xD


You both get home

You both get inside and you start kissing him like crazy....again..

"Remember 2 years ago when we were 18.."


He picks you up and takes you to the room

You guys have a wonderful night ;) (xD)

The morning is here and you wake up so does Jungkook

"So sweetie, did you have a wonderful night?"


You kiss him

You get up and change and brush your hair and your teeth

Your in the kitchen making breakfast, he comes right behind you an gives you a hug. You twist your head and give him a kiss.

"Breakfast is ready!!"

"Mmm! I can smell the goodness or food!" he laughs

You both eat and you go to the bathroom, you find out your pregnant

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