Chapter 20

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"I don't understand, why gold?" Clary asked probably for the one hundredth time.

"Because white is when you lose someone" Izzy said

"I can't zip my dress up, oh well— I guess I can't go" Addy said plopping down on the bed.

"Get your lazy ass up so I can zip you up and do your makeup" Izzy said

"I can't! I can't Izzy! I'm losing the one man I've ever loved! And you want me to dress up and go to his wedding?" Addy said tears streaming down her face.

"Have you told him you loved him?" Clary asked

"Yes" Addy nodded

"Did He say it back" Izzy asked

"He said he loves me and that I'm his gift from Raziel himself. He told me he loved me countless times, and then he leaves" Addy said zipping up her dress. Pain traveled through her wrist as she twisted it. "Arg! Stupid hand! Why can't you just heal with a stupid rune"

"Addy your wrist is fine" Izzy said leading her to her makeup chair

"What's so fucking fine" Addy asked as Izzy attacked her face with multiple makeup brushes and products.

After about half an hour of endless complaining, Izzy finally finished with her makeup. "Okay, Ads, I used waterproof"

"Thanks I'm going to Jace" Addy said trudging her way to Jaces room.

She didn't bother knocking just opened the door and walked in. "Jace!" She said plopping down on his bed.

"I'm busy" Jace said indicating to Alec.

"Well I have bigger problems" Addy said

"My parabatai is getting married, what the hell could be bigger?" Jace asked

"Your ego" Addy said, Alec stifled a laugh but failed. "Anyways, I can't draw a rune"

"What do you mean you can't draw a rune?" Jace asked

"Like whenever I draw one it disappears without any affect" Addy said

"Seriously, you couldn't have told me that, like when it first happened" Jace said

"Yeah, im sorry for making sure the Seelie Queen doesn't declare war on you and Clary" Addy said "just draw my rune and I'll leave you guys to do, whatever guys do before a wedding, what do they do get drunk"

"That's a bachelor party, and give me you wrist" Jace said

He drew the iratze with his stele. She watched him hoping that it wounding go away.

When he finished the iratze stayed before disappearing leaving a light white mark.

"Dammit" Jace and Addy said.

"Yeah, um, what's going on?" Alec asked

"Oh! Nothing... uhh... I'll go, don't get drunk" Addy said walking to the door 

"That's called a bachelor party!" Jace called.

"Same thing!" Addy said turning around, she saw that Jaces hair was a mess. "Jace get over here"

He walked over and she fixed his hair, combing it over with her fingers. "Thanks" Jace said looking in the mirror.

"Don't thank me, it's not my fault oh can't take care of yourself" Addy said. She turned to walked out but stopped again. "Good luck up there Alec," she said turning around, her eyes glossy "your gonna need it, getting married is a big thing"

She turned around and left the room. She went across to her room. She saw her old guitar sitting on a stand. She picked at a few strings and a melodically sound came.

She stopped her self from picking it up and strumming it "I should just get to the Ceremony" She whispered to herself.

She turned and left and walked out down to where the ceremony is being held.

"Hey Addy! I need your help" Izzy called

"What's up" Addy said going up to Izzy, there was another girl there, probably helping plan the wedding.

"How many chairs in each row?" Izzy asked

"Seven? I don't know, just set up the chairs so I can sit, im getting tired of these heels" Addy said turning her back and walking to sit on the steps.

"Hey Addy, could I talk to you" Alec said. Addy looked up to his eyes.

"Oh, um y-yeah yeah let's go" Addys said standing up.

They walked to a small room that was a spare. "What's up" Addy asked.

"I wanna talk, we haven't talked in a while" Alec said

"Talk about what, what's there to talk about"Addy scoffed.

"Us... what's going to happen to us?" He asked desperately.

"I don't know! I guess you found someone worth your time" Addy said slightly raising her voice. Alec visibly flinched.

"I do love you" Alec said

"Obviously you don't, especially when I needed you the most. I'm not good enough for you Alec" she said. Alec took her hand.

"I care for you more than I care for anyone in this world and into the next." Alec said.

"I wanna be us again" Addy said crying. Her makeup didn't smudge because it was waterproof. Thanks Izzy.

"It's for my parents, they need the family honor, they were in the Circle they need the Claves trust" Alec said wiping the tears.

Alec leaned down and she leaned up before Addy turned her head and went back to her heels. "No, Alec. Your getting married," Addy cried.

"Please, please don't cry, I'll always love you, one way or another" Alec said

"You can't!" Addy yelled "your getting married! Your going to be tied to that person! To Lydia. You can't love me, I forbid it, for your families sake, for yours, for Lydia's, I can't let you love me"

"Addy—" Alec said as Addy turned and freed her hand of his soft grasp.

"No, Alec— I can't" Addy said wiping her face.

"I love you" Alec said a few tears escaped his eyes.

"I know, I know, and I— I love you too, and I'll never stop, but you can, so please Alec, focus on Lydia" Addy said not turning to face Alec. She picked up her dress and ran out of the room.

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