Chapter 12

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Oh, Brother!

A/N: Sorry I left you on a cliffhanger and waited two days later than usual to update. Read it because I know your dieing to see what the "surprise" is. Enjoy!!!

Lilly's POV:

       My father dragged in my most precious family memeber, my brother. He was tied up and I don't know if he is unconcious or dead. I felt a rush of pure anger flow through me. This jerkoff is about to see the side of Lilly Williams even he has never seen before.

          "You emotionless bastard!" I screamed at him. "Watch your language around your father." he said making me hate him more and more."Don't say that! You are not my father anymore! I HATE YOU!"I felt the rage build up and I didn't want to calm down. "Ouch. Just so you know, he isn't dead but if you don't come with me in the next 3 minutes I will blow his head off. You choose." I wanted to take my crossbow out and shoot him but I knew that would put Josh in danger and there was still a fragment of a chance of getting my dad back.

        I thought for a minute and then I had a plan. "If I'm never going to see my friends again, let me at least say goodbye." I didn't ask, I ordered.  "Verywell." he said watching very closly. I turned around and saw the shock in everyone's face and Jake lokked like he was about to faint. I hugged everyone for an equal amount of time, but my plan required John to help. He was the only one who could finish the plan. The only one with the required weapon.I whisphered the plan to him when I hugged him really quickly than I turned and kissed Jake on the lips, gave him a hug, and whisphered"Trust me".

       I walked toward my dad counting causiously 15 paces and then I dropped to the floor ducking. John pulled out his tranquilizer gun and shot. It hit my dad right in the middle of his thigh. He hit the ground like a sack of bricks. I rushed over to my brother with the tears flowing through my eyes. I untied him and held him in my lap. What a sick person. "Josh? Wake up." I held him with my head resting on his. My tears were coming fast and they burned with rage as I caught sight of my passed out father. I carfully placed my brother down, walked over to my father and kicked him right in the gut over and over again.

        Jake pulled me by my waste away. I started to scream and kick my way out of his grip but it was no use."Lilly!" he yelled. "Lilly! Calm down!" he was now pinning me to the ground. He looked into my eyes and I stopped squirming and calmed down a little but I still hate him. "We are going to fix him. We have to get out of here because I know he all ready called in reinforcements." Jake told me while he carried me out of the room and into a...helicopter? "The agents slashed our tires so Christina called the CMU and they sent us a helicopter. They are taking us to the base." he told me knowing I was confused. Chris carried Josh to the helicopter and set him next to me. He started to move a little as the helicopter lifted into the air.

        "Ah!" Joshy screamed as he woke up. "It's okay its me, Lilly." I reassured him as he looked around. "Why is he here?" he said looking to see our dad sitting near us tied up. "He is unconscious and we're bringing him to base. We might finally have a chance to fix him."I said to him in releif. "He may never fix. I mean, he's trying to kill us. He almost killed mom. She got away but I didn't.  Thank you for saving me by the way cause I would've been dead. What I'm trying to say is, What happens if we can't fix him?" We all wondered but no one dared ask. I was glad he did though. "I don't know. He treatened to blow your head off while you were unconscious." I said proving my point that he was deep into this brainwashing stuff.

        The helicopter landed on base and my mom ran up to it as we got out and kissed us both on the forehead. "Ow, Ow, headache." Josh said holding his head. "Sorry. Yeah you got knocked out pretty good."she said with sympathy. "I would have tried to come after you but I was seeing stars and had no clue where I even was intill 15 minutes later. When I got to base they said you guys were already on your way." she explained herself. "It's late. You all should get some sleep. Agent Gomez will show you all to your temporary dorms." she said motioning toward an agent.

        Kaitie and I share a room together which I didn't mind because we haven't hung out like regular girls in a really long time. "Hey Kaitie?" I asked while laying in bed. She was in the bunk above me. "What's up Lilly?"   "You know what we should do tomorrow night?" and she knew where I was going with that. "Sleepover!" we both said at the same time. "Can't wait. Night." she said as we finished laughing at how girly we could be at times. I had a hard time falling asleep. Everytime I did get to sleep I immediately woke up from a nightmare. When will this disaster of a mission end because knowing my luck, it's not over yet.


A/N: You guys are probably thinking just because they caught the dad the book will be over soon but it won't be. It will be about 40-50 chapters long and I am thinking about writing a sequel afterward! Should I?

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