Chapter 1

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(A/N  The lovely Cara  and above is a picture of a golden eagle)

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(A/N  The lovely Cara  and above is a picture of a golden eagle)

Cara Lundy couldn't believe she let her sister Robyn talk her into going on a hike with her and her friends.

"I should have known they'd ditch me!" she muttered as she walked along. She was sure this was the path she saw them take. "Stupid flowers just had to capture my..." she stopped mumbling to herself as she looked up in awe. Coming to a complete stop. "Is that...? It is, it's a golden eagle!"

Putting her binoculars up. She followed its flight a screech she backed up as the eagle suddenly looked as if it was close enough for her to touch.

Her screech became a yell as she lost her footing and tumbled backward down the hill. She came to a stop at the foot of the hill, losing consciousness.


The golden eagle had been watching the girl for quite some time as she almost stomped her way up the hiking path. He'd seen a group of others earlier and wondered if she was with them.

He noticed her pause and her gaze move up. Thinking she might be looking at him, he began to glide closer, gazing at her golden hair that shined so pretty in the sunlight. He saw her put something to her eyes before she let out a screech worthy of an eagle. 

Then she began to tumble down the side of the hill as he slowly circled high above her. There was nothing he could do to help, but when she came to a stop, he began to glide closer, landing not far from her.

Eagle continued to watch her because she held his attention, pulled the string to his very soul it seemed. Maybe it was her scent, the sweet scent of honeysuckle. Maybe it was her looks. Her long dark blonde hair, and pale skin. Whatever it was, it kept him from flying away.

The girl eventually gave a low groan and the eagle stood watching as her eyes flickered open.

He stood stalk still as her gaze moved toward him.

"I must have hit my head really hard because I'd swear there's a golden eagle standing in front of me," she whispered.

The golden eagle cocked his head, turning it to gaze unblinkingly at her with one golden brown eye.

Cara slowly sat up, rubbing the back of her head slightly.

The eagle shuffled backward, looking as if he would fly away at any moment.

"Wow, you are really beautiful...a truly magnificent looking bird," Cara whispered.

The eagle's chest puffed out in a preen.

Cara gave a slight and slightly husky chuckle a she watched him. She then gave a heavy sigh as she looked upward at the sun. "Almost noon, wonder if they miss me yet? Probably not. Instead, they're probably halfway to somewhere for lunch not even caring that one body is missing." She stood up then a bit shaky, wincing, and brushing off her clothes off as she said, "Guess I'll be walking home."

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