Conest entry finalist: MonstersgoRAWR

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Hello, people!

This is one of the 5 finalist entries and I'd like to clear it up before i post that this is NOT part of the actual story. It is a extra. I repeat THIS DID NOT HAPPEN IN THE ACTUAL KIDNAPPED STORY. Okay, make sure not to confuse anyone.


" HELEN!!!" I yell as I'm pinning Liam down on the ground.

"Emily!!! Get off my man!!" she yells as she pushes me off Liam and I hit my head on a table. Stupid table...

"Helen I was just trying to stop him from escaping!"I say as Helen's sitting on Liam playing with his hair.

"Awwww my Liam would never disobey me right Liam?"

"Well...ummmmm...." Liam replied


"NO!!!" Liam yelled.

"Okay then..."Helen said grinning.

"ZAYN!" Niall called from upstairs.

I ran up there as fast as I could to see if they were okay. When I got up there I saw Niall with a sharpie mustache, unibrow, glasses, and "ZAYN ROCKS" was written across his forehead. Niall was glaring at Zayn while he was hunched over in laughter. I started laughing too and Niall glared at me.

"You better run Zayn!!!" Niall exclaimed as he jumped at ninja speed at Zayn. But Zayn jumped at an even faster ninja speed and bolted down the stairs. I ran after them and saw that they were running out the door! Liam jumped up from the couch and ran out the door too.

Helen and I ran out the door and tried to find them.

" You idiot!" she called. " They wouldn't have ran away if you didn't let them! It's all your fault!"

" MY fault?!?!" I yelled back. " If you weren't to busy with Liam to lock the door like I TOLD YOU TOO then we would still be at home with them!" I hollered.

" You wanna go sista?!" Helen said.

" Yeah bring it on!" I challenged.

" I can go at anytime!"

" What about now?"

" Well... What if I'm not ready?"

"EXCUSES!!! " I yell.

" Fine," Helen says. "Let's just go find the boys?"

" Agreed!" I reply.

" Now let's use our stealthy ninja skills and-" she was cut off by the sound of a car heading towards us.

" Maybe it's Harry, Lea, and Louis!" I cry as a old beat up station wagon comes into view.

" Wait. It's.... SANTA CLAUS!?!?" Helen yells while looking in the drivers window.

" What?" I ask as I try and get a good look too. There was a fat man with a white beard. He had red cheeks and was jiggly. He looked exactly like Santa Claus... Except he was wearing a red speedo.

" Does Santa wear speedos?" I whispered to Helen as the car pulled over.

" I don't really know. Go talk to him!"she said while pushing towards the fat man getting out of the car.

" Why me?" I yell.

" Hello there ladies! If you could just help me for a second-" said Santa.