She likes it hot

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All you wanted was a warm relaxing shower

No one's POV

Y/N was humming quietly while massaging her head.

She heard the bathroom door opening because she knows that's just her wife, Lauren.

Lauren always take showers with her. Sometimes they get naughty sometimes they just have regular showers.

The only problem is Lauren likes the water hot.

Boiling hot. Y/N's not even kidding.

Lauren always crashes her shower time.

Y/N was to busy humming to herself to even notice Lauren sneaking in the showers.

"AHHH FUCK!" Y/N yelped when hot water hit her face.

She heard giggling and felt arms wrap around her stomach.

"Hi." Lauren giggled.

"Lauren, what the hell! I told you don't do that!" Y/N pulled away from Lauren and faced her.

Y/N made a move to change the temperature of the water but Lauren hit her hand.

"No! I'm going to shower." Lauren said and started to wet her hair.

"Well can you at least let me finish? I don't want my skin peeling off with that damn water." Y/N said and Lauren ignored her.

Y/N knew she wasn't getting her warm water because Lauren always win.


Y/N looks around her wife and hers' bedroom quietly, hoping that Lauren isn't inside.

When she didn't see Lauren she quickly went inside and locked the bedroom door.

Quickly, she grabbed all her towel and started to take off her clothes.

Smiling widely, Y/N moonwalked to the bathroom.


Downstairs, Lauren perked up from the couch.

She was lazily watching TV until she heard the shower run upstairs.

Lauren quickly ran upstairs and started to take off her clothes on the way.

When she got to the door there was a loud thud.

Her body collided with the door.

Lauren furrow her eyebrows and she grabbed the doorknob.

She let out a loud gasp and glared at the door.

"Babe!" She pounds on the door with her fist.

Inside the shower Y/N's smirking while listening to Lauren's loud banging.

The banging stopped and Y/N smiled to herself.

She starts to wash her face when the water suddenly stopped.


With her eyes closed, she tried opening and closing the shower but water still didn't come out.

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