Chapter 5

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Zero stops thinking as he looks at Ozpin
"How did you know"
Zero said as he glares at him

"I have my ways, now"
Professor Oz was cut off by Zero

"That's not my name anymore it's Zero vern got it "
Zero said

"Alright Mr.Vern I want you to join Beacon academy "
Oz said as he takes a sip of his coffee

Zero looks at him as he thinks
"Mom used to come here and she said to come here if I want to get stronger"
Zero thought as he signs

"Alright Oz I'll join but I want 4 things"
Zero said

"Alright what are they"
Oz asked

" 1 I want to be on a one man team with my own dorm, 2 I want my weapons locker in my dorm, 3 I'm not wearing you uniforms , 4 I keep my mask on "
Zero said

"Very well then welcome to Beacon academy As-I mean Zero Vern
Professor Oz said as he shakes Ash's hand

"So whens my test "
Zero asked

Oz smiles and hands him a scroll
" your test will be at 2;09 at miss GoodWitch's class and your room will be ready "
Oz said as he drinks his coffee

Zero nods and gets his bags and goes to the elevator and waits for his test

(Time skip)

"Today Mr.Vern will be fight team CDLR to see if he is accepted into Beacon "
Miss GoodWitch said as team CDLR where in the ring

"I'll beat him into a pulp"
Cardin said as he and his teammates laugh

"Oh really now I like to see you try"
Zero said as he walks into the ring with his armor on

"Alright at the count of 3"
Miss GoodWitch said as they take their stances

Zero takes his stance with his sword

Zero takes his stance with his sword

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Zero smiles under his helmet


The fight begins with Cardin charging and tries to hit zero with his Mace,but zero side steps Dodging his attack

Zero hits Cardin in the back of the head with his sword , sky runs up with his battle Axe and hits Zero in the back

Zero turns around and punches sky in the face ,then uses his thrusters to get back a little ,Russel charges in with his dangers to try and hit Zero but he misses and get hit in the face with Zero's fist

"Alright if I use my cannon it might hit a leafs two of them"
Zero thought as he switches from his sword to his long range cannon and aims it at them

"What's that supposed to do"
Dove said as he gets Curiously

"Good question "
Zero said as he fires his cannon and hits dove and russel forcing them out of the ring

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