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"Yoongi, hurry up, I need that order!" A very upset, good looking man shouted.

Yoongi cut his eyes to the man, narrowing them. Kim Seokjin was his friend and boss but sometimes he acted more like a boss than a friend. Yoongi worked at his café serving drinks as a barista and waiting on tables when they were short of hands. Today was one of the days Yoongi was covering a few shifts and he had to mix drinks, wait tables and help carry out orders.

Yoongi hated waiting tables and carrying out orders. But a man's got to eat.

"I'm coming!" he shouted back as he picked up a tray. It was a hard task balancing five plates and four drinks on the circular tray and he did his best. Yoongi wasn't the strongest and he felt his arms getting weaker and weaker as he made his way to the table. Right before his arms gave out, he was able to balance a side of the tray on one of the booth tables as he gave everyone their food.

"Is there anything else I can get you?" Yoongi didn't even bother to look up at the people at the table, instead pulling his pen and pad out of his apron pocket and waiting for a reply.

"How about some better service?" one of the men at the table snickered.

Yoongi ignored him. He wasn't a people person and he wasn't going to act like it. He was a barista and he made some damn good coffee. He wasn't designed to wait on tables.

"How about some manners?" he muttered back, slipping his pen and pad back into his apron and picking up his tray to put under his arm.

He ignored the man as he walked back to his section of the café – behind the drink counter. He heard the man behind him ranting about how he expected better and how he wanted to speak to Yoongi's manager. Yoongi felt the urge to flip the man off but as it was, Seokjin was already going to have his hide and he didn't need to add anything to the storm to come once they closed for the night. He could already practically feel Seokjin's glare boring into the back of his skull as he swooped in trying to calm the ranting man. It made Yoongi want to laugh.

He went back behind the drink counter, briefly taking the time to wipe it down with a wet rag. Even if he wasn't the most organized person, Yoongi still liked to keep his work station looking nice. His eyes flicked back over to a fuming Seokjin. Obviously, the customer had demanded a refund and was currently storming out of the café.

"Good riddance," Yoongi muttered. He pulled his cell phone out of his pocket – it was time for his break anyway and if Seokjin wasn't chasing stupid customers then Yoongi could have left the counter. He scrolled through a few of his news feeds, eyes catching a few words every time he scrolled down. His lips quirked up when he read the newest post from his favorite singer.

There was a picture on Twitter of the one and only Park Jimin. He had obviously taken a selca a few minutes before. People were already commenting on it like crazy, saying how hot he looked and how good and talented he was. Yoongi added his voice to the others, commenting as well:

SavageSuga: I'd tap that

The selca was of Jimin laying on his bed. His orange hair was spread around his head like some kind of shining halo. Those pretty teeth were out and he looked like he was midway through a laugh, his eyes barely tiny slits on his face as his hand was halfway to covering his mouth. Yoongi absentmindedly shook his head. How could anyone look that good? The way the picture was presented, his smile looked flawless as if he were laughing with friends and accidently took the picture. It was so natural....

"Stop looking at your phone and get back to work," Seokjin's voice brought him away from his thoughts. His mouth immediately quirked downwards again.

Yoongi rolled his eyes, "It's my break but I couldn't leave the counter because you were out there chasing that fu-"

Seokjin's eyes narrowed, "You better not curse in here." He held his fist up in some method of threatening. Yoongi immediately gulped and shut his mouth. He was a savage and he could be cruel with his words but Kim Seokjin was one of the only people in the world who could tame him. If Seokjin told Yoongi not to do something, he generally listened and obeyed.

Seokjin sighed, throwing his hands in the air in some kind of defeat, "I ought to just let you go home early. You're so cranky today you're driving away the customers..." He was saying everything out loud but it was as if he was speaking to himself. Inside, Yoongi's heart jumped. If Seokjin gave him the rest of the day off, that was four or five more hours of sleep he could have. However, he said nothing, instead waiting on the elder's decision. Seokjin didn't like to be pushed too much and so Yoongi generally found it easier to let him come to his own conclusions.

Yoongi slipped his phone back into his pocket, bracing his elbows on the counter and waiting for some form of permission or dismissal. Seokjin sighed once more, shaking his head. His chestnut colored eyes came up to meet Yoongi's, "I'll let you go home but if things get busy, I'm calling you and you better answer and get your ass back down here to help or they will be trouble."

Inside, Yoongi was jumping with sheer joy. He got to go home! He mockingly saluted Seokjin, untying his apron and throwing it over his shoulder to be put in the back room.

"See you later, hyung," he couldn't express his level of happiness at going home early. He would have more time to sleep and maybe more time to watch or listen to some of Park Jimin's songs.

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