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She wore thousand faces
all to hide her own.

"You have to serve them the breakfast today, Heaven." Georgina informed her while she was preparing it. "Don't worry! All you have to do is fill their plates with food and ask them if they need anything else." She reassured her after seeing the look of worry in Heaven's big ocean blue eyes. "Who's gonna be having breakfast?" Heaven asked softly. She was hoping he won't be present but all her hope vanished when Georgina answered her question. "Mrs. Black and her son. Don't mind him, he can be a little bit arrogant and grumpy. Just ignore him." She warned her.

Heaven didn't have to be warned, she knew all about his mood swings and arrogance. "Zachy is still sleeping, but I'm afraid he'll wake up anytime now." She said. "I'll check up on him every once in a while. You go and bring them the pancakes." She ushered Heaven out of the kitchen. Nervous and scared was an understatement of how Heaven felt the moment she left the kitchen. She wanted to avoid him at all costs, but it seems like destiny has other plans for her.

She entered the huge dining room with two big plates of pancakes in her hands. Keeping her head down she made her way to Mrs. Black filling up her plate with three pancakes staked on each other. Now it was time to serve the devil himself. She felt the intense stare of him burning her as she walked towards where he was sitting on the head of the long table. Her hands were shaking as she was slowly filling up his plate with three pancakes. "Could you be any slower. I don't have all day!" He snapped suddenly making her flinch. She quickly finished her job and ran out of the room without even wishing them a good appetite.
"Don't be so rude, Killian!" His mother scolded him to which he only shrugged digging into his food.

Heaven ran down the huge hall wiping the never ending tears out of her face. He's doing this on purpose. He wants to make her life a living hell, so she leaves the job. No matter how much she wants to leave she can't. Like she said before, she would do anything for her son even if it means to be mentally tortured by the devil himself, by the father of her son and by the love of her life. "Oh my sweet girl! What happened?" Georgina was flushed by seeing the young woman entering the kitchen with tears streaming down her angelic face. It broke her heart. "I-I..." Heaven stuttered she couldn't hold herself back anymore and broke down.

"What happened, sweetheart? What did they do to you?" Georgina pushed again as she was holding Heaven in her warm embrace. "Georgina?" Killian's voice echoed in the big modern kitchen. Heaven quickly broke apart from Georgina and turned her back to Killian to wipe the remaining tears off of her face. "Yes, sir?" Georgina replied a little angry. She knew that he was the reason of Heaven's crying. "Today there will be a party to celebrate the success of my new film. Make sure that everything is ready." He stated proudly. "Of course! Anything else?" "I want to talk to Heaven alone, please." Heaven gasped in surprise. She didn't want to see him let alone talk to him after he embarrassed her in front of his mother.

"Sure." Georgina left the kitchen leaving them alone. Heaven still didn't dare to turn around and face her torturer. "Turn around." He demanded coldly making Heaven whimper in protest. She didn't want to face him and let him see how weak she is. When she didn't do what he told her he decided to make her face him himself. Heaven let out a cry as he roughly grabbed her shoulders and turned her around. "When I tell you something you do it! I'm your fucking boss now!" He seethed. Heaven let her head down not daring to face his hate filled eyes. Oh how she wished she would vanish into thin air this instant. "W-What do you want?" She asked him fearfully. "You speak to me with respect! Is that understood?" He snapped making her jump at his harsh tone.

"Yes, sir!" She answered not wanting to anger him any further. "Good. Now tell me did you tell anyone about me?" Heaven looked at him with tears in her eyes. All he wants to know is if she's up to damage his reputation. Does he think so low of her? She asked herself. "No I didn't." She answered truthfully. "And it better stay like this or else-" "I know! You don't have to tell me again. It's not like I'm proud of what we had to share it with everyone!" She snapped at him. Anger was rising inside of her. She doesn't want to be the weak girl anymore. She wants to be strong. At least for her son.

Killian looked surprised of Heaven's sudden outburst. He never imagined that she would ever talk back to him. "Feisty. Are we?" He mocked her. "Why do you like to hurt me? What did I ever do to you that you hate me this much?" If looks could kill Heaven would be dead now. Killian glared at her like she killed one of his family members. "I do not fucking hate you! You're nothing to me, just another summer fling. That's it. And I don't feel any kind of emotion for sluts!" He spat venom lacing in his voice. It hurt. It hurt her how he felt about her, how he thinks about her. She can't believe she fell in love with a monster like him. To the world he is one of the most beautiful and charming men alive. They don't know the real him.

"Then leave me alone." She said before leaving the kitchen with tears falling down her face. Killian ran a hand through his hair. He was frustrated. No matter how much he hates to admit, he felt bad for the things he said. He never saw her as one of his flings, he always thought Heaven was special nothing like the women he was with before. But he had to push her away before it was to late. It pained him a lot, but it had to be done. It was for the better. He didn't want her to get lost in his dark world.


End of chapter 6


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