To Love

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~ Death was the vastest unknown he knew, but she showed him love was infinitely grander. ~


Okay so, hi, guys! And welcome to my poorly written, but very strenuously worked on fanfic. This story is about Brianne *A character I 100% made up* and Newt *A character from the soon to be movie, yet also amazing book, The Maze Runner. This character I most certainly did not make myself. Those character credits go to the one and only James Dasher.*

Like I just mentioned, this is not a story I can receive full credit for because it is based off of another book. The plot, certain lines, and the stories destination are very similar to said book. So, therefore, I am not stealing James' story; I've written and added plenty of my own ideas to really give more detail to my favorite characters.

I'm warning you now, that if you haven't finished The Maze Runner series, there may be some spoilers. Not too many yet, but character back stories *Especially Newts* will be written in full detail.

Another warning. The first half of this book is taking place before Thomas comes into the maze. So I've had to study tmr and use my imagination to write a lot of this book. Also, the movie is coming out in a couple months and it will most likely be really different than what I'm writing.

With saying all of that, I am so excited to share what I've written with anyone who is willing to read it. I'm not a professional, but I do love The Maze Runner and I love writing. So, I guess that's it for now.

Byeeeeee, love you guys lots.

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