Chapter 1 - Business Trip

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"Poppy, come downstairs, your father and I have to tell you some news" her mother called up the stairs.

"Coming Mama" Poppy hollered back.

Poppy sighed, 'great another talk... what is it going to be about this time.'

She rolled off her plush bed where she had been snuggled up with her giant teddy bear she had gotten as an early 18th birthday present from her Uncle Sam, who was a circus performer, and walked down stairs to the family room where both her parents sat on the sofa waiting for her.

'What's up' Poppy asked as she sat down on the bean bag chair near the sofa.

'Sweetie, we have to go to Hong Kong and Dubai for a business trip. We will be gone for almost a whole year and will hopefully be back in time for your senior graduation.' Her dad told her.

Poppy stared at her parents in surprise. 'Oh.... I see.' she said her gut twisting with nerves. She could sense there was something else coming.

Her father continued, 'We have arranged for you to live with Aunt Polly in Montana while we are away because we know you will ineveitably attract trouble and get in some mess and we can't leave you alone with your anxiety attacks.'

Poppy sat still, fingers twisted together, heart thumping wildly... New people, new surroundings and so many unknowns. Thats when her inner child spoke one sentence ...'Aunt Polly makes candy'. oh yummy... maybe it wont be so bad. New people to prank, maybe a chance to make a real friend instead of supposed best friends who let me take all the blame for an incident and the principal gets angry at me, triggering a panic attack. My mind rambled on, as dad continued blathering about not spray painting anymore walls or putting shrink wrap on toilets. Or the fun one, kechup packets in the door hinge. Oh... the pop and squish reminds me of gushers.... mmmmm. I want some. Strawberry explosion gushers are sooo good. Or maybe i should get a willy wonka nerd rope. I love to eat all the nerds off the jelly rope then tie it in a bow and gobble it down.

"Poppy are you listening"

She jumped a bit, focusing on her dad as he chuckled at her guilty face. "Uhhhh.... yes?" Poppy smiled cautiously.

"So... arent you going to start packing" her mother asked.

Poppy raised her eyebrows, "Right now?"

Her parents nodding heads answered her question. Reluctantly she stood and headed back up stairs. What was it going to be like living in a tiny rural town in the middle of a forest in Montana. Aunt Polly had come to visit often, holidays, random surprises, birthdays and so on. But so far in her almost 18 years of life, Polly had never left her home town in the suburbs of Austin, Texas. She was used to the easy access to party supply stores for her prank supplies and Starbucks for her sweet addiction. She frowned, thinking about the low chance of Starbucks being in Wolven, Montana. Yeah, about the same possibility of a tree growing in the Sahara Desert.

"Remember Candy" my inner self reminded. Oh yeah... Aunt Polly made some seriously delicious homemade fruit roll ups and her specialty pop rocks candy and her crazy scientist food experiments like root beer float pops made with liquid nitrogen.

WELP lets get this show on the road. Middle of no-where Montana here we come.

Here is Poppy's Parents - Played by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

Here is Poppy's Parents - Played by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

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