Playboy. That's what he was. A player.

I swear, he changes girlfriends like he changes clothes. Everyday, there's a new girl and the next day, he cheats on them and breaks their heart. The pattern repeats.

He's gone through every single girl in our grade - the losers, the nerds, the popular kids.... Rumor has it that he even got kinky with a Paris exchange student.

The only girl he hasn't broken yet, is me. And I find this surprising, considering I am one of the most popular girls in school, not to brag or anything.

But I hate him. Why? For breaking my best friends heart, that's why. Adison Mclean - another one of the popular girls here, and one of the most prettiest, I'd say. Blonde hair, blue eyes, pretty face, cute outfits - she's practically a supermodel. And she's my bestie. She dated Anthony Roberts for 5 days, then ran home crying. The bastard broke her - cheated on her with Stephanie Lane, who also had her heartbreak a week after.

I despise that rotten bastard. And I'm gonna date him.


Okay! Thats all for now. Hope you liked it even though that last part probably made absolutely no sense, but, trust me, it will later on. Thanks for reading and ya. ☺️

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