Chapter Five: Deep Water

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"Control Freak? Come in!"

The unshaven geek stirred from beneath his Galaxy Wars duvet.

"Not now, Mom..." he muttered, turning over. The dark sky Mod had conjured had fooled him into thinking it was bedtime!

"This is Robin from the Teen Titans. We urgently require your assistance."

"Hey!" Control Freak sat straight up. "Is this for real or is this just a crazy dream?"

He clambered out of bed, trying not to trip over the accumulation of rubbish and laundry upon his floor as he trod to his computer, clad in his one-piece sleepsuit. Sure enough, a broadcast from Robin had appeared on the monitor and it looked as though he was in a very...tight position. He was pushing against a white wall and from Starfire's position in the background; he could tell it seemed to be closing in on them.

"You've got to help us!" begged Robin.

"No can do, pal! At last the Teen Titans will be no more."

"Exactly! Somebody else is going to take the glory of killing us away from you. That someone is Mad Mod, and he lured us here by placing us on a secret agent mission straight out of the movies."

"No way! That's so cool! I wish I had thought-" The couch potato broke off. "Are you saying he's stolen my ideas?!"

"What do you think?"

"That does it!" Control Freak picked up his signature remote and aimed it at the screen. "I'm not going to let anyone be a greater enemy of the Teen Titans than moi!"

Mad Mod had struggled to work out what the heck Robin was doing for the last thirty seconds, but now he began to realise exactly what was going on.

"STOP!" he pleaded, throwing his hands up.

The cat sprang out of his arms just in time, letting out a loud, "MEOW!"

The walls about to crush Robin and Starfire abruptly came to a standstill, letting the pair breathe a sigh of relief, despite the fact they were still rather awkwardly positioned.

Mad Mod's hands sprang to his control panel and started frantically typing away. "What? This can't be 'appening! I 'ad it all planned..."

"In your face, old man!" responded his new enemy (though how he knew Mod was really an old man is another story, and one that that shouldn't be too surprising, considering what a geek he is).

"Way to go, Control Freak," said Robin with a grin. While Mad Mod was busy trying to regain control of his systems, he had a feeling that laser in his tool belt might come in handy once again...


Meanwhile, Raven, Cyborg and Beast Boy's feet were nearly touching the water, or at least would be if they weren't thrashing with all their might to avoid being bitten by the sharks. One of them tried to sink its teeth into Cyborg's foot, but only got a mouthful of metal.

"Hey! That tickles!" said Cyborg with a laugh.

"We can't last much longer!" panicked Beast Boy, his eyes on the sharks desperately trying to take a bite out of his frantically writhing legs, which had a few gashes from lucky escapes, "Any moment now one of those sharks is going to get us and then it'll be 'goodbye Beast Boy!' and I won't get to finish the next level of 'Super Ninja Fury' or say goodbye to Robin and Star or defeat Mad Mod or anything! No way am I ready for the next life..."

But at least I'll have my best buddy Cyborg with me, he thought, And Raven – she will make a beautiful angel. And my...

He saw in his mind two figures against a white background. Two figures not in majestic robes, but scruffy t-shirts and khaki shorts, calling out to him, "Come with us, Gar. You will be safe here..."

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