Chapter Three: Arcade Royale

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Back in the alleyway, Robin abruptly realised that since his change of outfit his pockets had been fairly heavy. What was in them? He reached inside one of his jacket pockets and pulled out a miniature camera, a pair of glasses and a small vial of rather unpleasant-looking liquid.

"Wait...are these spy gadgets?" Mad Mod really had gone all out with this 'spy adventure'!

Robin fished through his other pockets and found all sorts of devices he knew he might be able to put to good use. They seemed to contain even more equipment than he could fit into his utility belt! "There's got to be something here we can use to find Cyborg."

Starfire pinched the sides off her dress, but couldn't find any holes. "How come I do not have the pockets too?"

Robin looked confused. "I'm not really sure..."

One of the gizmos started beeping and Robin pulled it out of his pocket.

"What is it, Robin?" asked Starfire.

"I think it's some kind of tracking device," answered Robin, looking at the screen of the small machine, "And it's locked onto the co-ordinates of something."

"Do you suppose it is our friends?!"

Robin looked sceptical and took out his communicator. "I'll see if I can locate Cyborg." He pressed the screen and keyed in some commands. "Hang on! It's saying he's in the same location this device is reading."

"Then we must leave at once!" Starfire floated off the ground and started tugging at his arm. "Come, friend Robin! We must save our friends from the pool of sharks."

"I'm not sure about this. It seems all too easy. We'd better be on guard for any of Mod's usual tricks – there's bound to be an unexpected twist in this spy adventure."

"Is that what happens in the films of the spies?"

"You don't know the half of it." Robin smiled at her naivety.


On the televisions of the Teen Titans' viewers, the picture turned black. Two white dots started moving across the screen, from left to right, eventually meeting. Meanwhile, big band jazz started playing in the background. The dot then turned into the tip of a gun, viewed from inside the barrel. Inside the circle appeared a figure with spiky black hair, a cat eye domino mask and a smart tuxedo, holding a firearm. He aimed in the direction of the viewers and fired. The picture turned blood red and then faded away to reveal a title card – "Robin and Starfire in...From Jump City With Love".

Another circle appeared, this time revealing a wall. It grew bigger, quickly taking up the whole screen. The scene was outside a building not far from the alleyway, positioned on the Jump City pier. Robin was stood beside Starfire, aiming a gun.

"Robin? What are you doing?" enquired Starfire.

"I have no idea, actually..." Robin eyed his weapon and cast it onto the ground. "This is the only gadget I won't be using – it's against what Batman taught me." He held up his communicator. "The signal led us here for some reason." They turned to the building's entrance, through which they could see flashing lights from the consoles inside.

"The arcade of amusements?" said Starfire, rather taken aback.

There was no mistaking the popular hangout, which boasted large neon signs saying "amusements" and "slots", contrasting sharply with the night sky. The Titans had spent many happy evenings inside the establishment, playing "Boogie Revolution" and "Jump Shot" until they were tired out.

"Where would Mod hide a shark tank in an amusement arcade?" wondered Robin aloud. He slipped away his com. "I guess there's only one way to find out..."

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