Chapter One: Security Breach

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"Cyborg? Do you read me?" said a frantic Robin into his com.

"I sure do, Robbie. What's the problem?" The message was being fed directly into Cyborg's part-robotic brain.

"I can't get through to the others! Something's messing up their signals!"

Supposing he was going to have to fix whatever was jamming the com system, Cyborg strode over to the entrance of his room, but for some reason it wouldn't open. "Something's jammin' my doors!"

"I'm trapped in the living room. I would say whatever's blocking the com must be affecting the doors, but that's crazy! I'll bet someone's doing this deliberately."

"No doubt about it! Now all we need to work out is which one of our enemies would want to do something like this...that could take a while..."

Robin turned to see a transmission spring onto the giant television screen. At first it was mostly static, but then Robin started to make out a familiar face. "Or maybe not..." He put away his com.

"Prepare to meet your doom!" said the figure upon the screen, who had long auburn hair, bushy sideburns and was wearing a dark grey coat with broad metal shoulders, holding up a weapon-like remote control, "Now that I've hacked into your systems, you will be trapped in your stupid tower FOREVER! Don't even bother trying to call for help - I've scrambled your com. Before long, you'll start to run out of air. In a vacuum, no-one can hear you scream..."

"This has to be your most cowardly plan yet, Control Freak," responded Robin.

"My plan's not cowardly - it's INGENIOUS!" Control Freak's eyebrows arched menacingly. "I can't believe I didn't think of such an easy way to get rid of you losers before. Admit it - I truly am your greatest enemy!" He threw back his head and laughed maniacally.

Robin only raised an eyebrow at this hammy display. "I wouldn't count your chickens just yet. Your remote control may be able to hack into our systems, but a machine is no match for one of the most skilled hackers in Jump City..."

He whipped out a keyboard and began tapping at a rapid pace. After about a minute, he took out his communicator. "Cyborg! Try the doors now."

"They're working again!" replied Cyborg, as he raced through them.

Robin inserted a wire into his communicator and his fingers flew across the keyboard some more. After ten seconds, he picked up his com and said, "Starfire? Do you read me?"

"Robin! Thank the goodness the com is working again!"

"Not for much longer..." said Control Freak, raising his deadly remote.

No sooner had he done so did Starfire's chirpy soprano voice become replaced with a deep, monotonous one. "What was blocking the channel of communication?" There was then the sound of heavy breathing.

If Control Freak had tried that trick earlier, I would have realised it was his doing immediately! thought Robin.

"Control Freak has hacked into our systems," he responded.

"Robin...why is it that you are talking like the duck named Donald?"

When I get my hands on Control Freak, he's going to wish he was never born, thought Robin, placing the wire into his communicator and punching the keys once again, more furiously than ever.

Cyborg came charging through the doors at just that moment. "Control Freak?" he cried, catching sight of the face on the television, "Oh man! I shoulda known."

"Cyborg, I need your help here!" called Robin, still tapping at a remarkable pace.

"I'm on it, Robbie!" Cyborg picked up another keyboard and began typing at an equally high-speed rate.

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