Chapter 3

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QOTD: What do you think about school?

QOTD: What do you think about school?

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Two hours. I've been in this classroom for two hours.

A sigh left my lips as Elijah went over the 'handbook'. Many of us were due to graduate soon and he was reading rules to us. "Miss Beckett?" My eyes snapped up to his blue ones in question.


"What rule did I just read?"

Let's see, he's probably been reading them for twenty minutes, it probably takes him a few seconds to read one but add another minute for him to explain it. "Twenty-three?"

"Wrong. I just dismissed class but you may stay after with me." My eyes narrowed into slits at him.

That little-

"Come here." I'm fine where I am.

"You come here."

"Come here!" He barked. I trudged out of my seat and padded over to him. "I am your professor, you will respect me as so."

"Should I cancel our plans later then, Professor? I think that would be highly inappropriate seeing as I am your student." I could tell I was annoying him. It wasn't hard to make Elijah mad. One ounce of disrespect and he'd snap. I was starting to think he was a dom. Not that I minded.

"No, in fact, I think the extra time together would do us good." My eyes met his icy blue ones in caution. He was grinning. Not a good sign.

"I-um, actually have class later tonight and then you know, work right after."

"Oh? Neil told me you were to come after your class." Dammit.

"Right. I completely forgot. Silly me."

His lips twitched up. "Silly you." My eyes narrowed at him even further. Was he mocking me?

"I've got work in an hour and I have to get ready. May I go now?"

He gestured to the door and crossed his arms. "Watch your tone with me, Maya." I said may. Perhaps it was a bit too sarcastic for his liking.

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