Chapter:6 ~ Hidden Love (Part II)

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Xavier's POV:

It's 4:00 pm and I am in my office right now.

I have a meeting tonight with Mr. and Mrs. Smith. It's about the supply of raw material from their company to our manufacturing branch. The people I am going to meet tonight are the parents of my ex-girlfriend Eva.

I hope I will not get to see that 'bitch' over there with them. Yeah! I broke up with her. Not any later but two years ago from now. After I was married and before I was divorced, was the time I realized what an asshole and bitch personality I fell in love with.

It is a long story and now I am consumed with so many things of past and present together that I may have a brain-haemorrhage any soon.

I closed my eyes and put back my head on my chair. I am so consumed in my own thoughts that I forget about my surroundings.



'Xavier...', Ariana called me from behind. I turned to see her. Her hairs are wet after shower.

She is wearing a simple T-shirt and her cute pyjama. I saw a drop of water grazing from her neck making its way to her chest. My throat went dry as if I want to sip that drop from there or her whole body.

'Xavier... I...', She called making my thoughts went away.

Thank God! I was too close to get turned on by her.

I saw her face turned red. Maybe I was staring at her neck for too long.

She is looking down at an envelope in her hands.

'What's this?', I asked.

I don't want her standing there making my hormones arouse from the glands to pour into my bloodstream.

I will go crazy like this.

'I asked Dad not to send these but he forced. I really didn't...', She stammered completing her sentence.

I fetched the envelope from her hands and looked for what my Dad has decided now.

'What's this for?', I asked looking at the tickets to 'Maldives'.

'It's for our... honeymoon.', She said. Her ears turned a darker shade of red.

Just when I was fantasising to kiss her bare neck, she brought two honeymoon tickets for us. Good timing for embarrassment to encircle me and my dry throat.

I am feeling nervous. I want to start my life with her but I want to confess all the lies I told her.

I tore the tickets in front of her. I will not get swayed away by this temporary feeling just because of some stupid-insane-uncontrolled-hormones.

'I think I made it clear that this marriage is just a business deal for our families.', I said rudely.

I am a moron. This was the reason I gave her when I felt embarrassed about making her sleep on the sofa. I was nervous and without thinking I asked her the opposite. I wanted to say that I'll sleep on the sofa but it turned out otherwise.

I did not want to hurt her saying that I love someone else and not her.

I can't leave Ariana. Even if this marriage was started without any feelings but still I want to give myself a chance. It was not her mistake. It was mine. And I will not hurt her because of stupidity. I will make this marriage work.

But, I need some time before making my life to start with Ariana. And till then I want to be rude to control my feelings and attraction towards her.

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