2; judas! no!

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The house could be called half a million dollar home, William hated it. When William was younger he lived in a smaller house, when his family was still together. When William walks in the house it's silent. The younger kids of the house can't be heard, but his step-father is sitting at the head of the dining room table.

"Courtney, go upstairs," Scott orders her, which rubs William the wrong way. William puts his keys on the key rack, he hears courtney stomp upstairs. He soon hears the fridge open and the sound of a drink being poured. William walks back in the kitchen, putting his backpack down on the chair next to him.

"So," Scott starts to say, "I found something interesting today," Scott continues to say, William sighs and looks over at him.

"Oh really, what?" William's tone is sharp, he knows Scott is going to be negative, he's sick and tired of waiting.

Scott takes another drink of his red wine, "I wouldn't pull anything with me right now," Scott says in a threatening tone. "I put a tracker on your phone,"

"Stalker," William says immediately not thinking, Scott scoffs.

"Can I have your phone?"

"No, i paid for my phone, it-

"Who pays for you data bills? Who gives you a place to eat? Damn William, it's not like i'm asking for your kidney," Scott says to him.

William puts his phone on the table, "whatever," he mutters. William gets up and Scott grabs his wrist, making him say. "What?," to Scott and pull his wrist back so it's unheld.

"I'll stay here, you just had to ask,lord." William says to his overly-religious stepfather. William sits back down, watching Scott go through his phone.

"Who's pete?" Scott asks William, William mentally curses himself, he leans back in the chair.

"A friend," William says, "He did an English project with me," Scott nods to William.

"Who's Gabe?," Scott says leaning back in his chair still going through the phone. William rolls his eyes at Scott.

"It seems like you already know, so why are you asking?" William says crossing his arms, getting defensive.

"William! Scott screams, almost dropping the phone. "You know the rules! Do you want to be a piece of shit, do you want to turn into your father?!" He screams to William.

"Don't talk about my father like that," William mumbles to Scott.

"Excuse me? Speak up, lord, how are you ever going to do anything?!" Scott says. William stands up grabbing his bag from the floor.

"I don't have to put up with your shit," William starts to say, "I'm 17, I can leave, I'm self-fucking sufficient," He says pretty proudly of himself. William's figure is standing tall looking at his stepfather, backpack on his shoulders.

Scott breaks his wine glass and then looks at William, still scrolling through the phone. Scott gets up with the broken wine glass piece. William is scared, frightened really. His stepfather is charging at him with a piece of sharp glass. So he does what his father would do, gotta make daddy proud, right?

"Who the fuck do you think you are?!" William says to him, before he can say anything, William runs all the way to his room. William gets the most important things to from his room. He picks up pictures of himself when he was little of him and Courtney, clothes, and knick-knacks. He'll be back, he knows he will be back.

"Give me my phone." William says to scott when he comes back downstairs. Scott just looks at him in a state of shock, "Scott! Can i have my phone, i need to be able to contact my mother." William repeats again. Scott gives him his now cracked phone. William goes outside and sits on the porch.

"Hey," William says to the other person on the line.

"What's up babe?"

"Pick me up."


"My house, something....something happened,"

"Holy shit yeah I'll be there, gonna kill Scott,"

"Don't-Don't say that baby, just come,"

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