Sequel 2

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This time,I just had an idea that I didn't have the chance to add into the prev chapter in fear of it being too long so here goes~


"I'm home!"Jimin opened the door to his home sweet home,excited to see the kids after coming home from his tiring business trip.After not hearing anything from the kids and even his beloved wife,he made his way to the master bedroom.

Once he opened the door,he saw a huge white projector screen hung on the wall next to the bed."What is that?"Jimin placed his luggage near the night stand and approached the screen.But before he could do anything,the screen had lit up.

'Sit back and enjoy the show,Minjun and Somin's dad.'

Was written on the screen and the only person who could have done this flashed his mind."I had no idea she could even think of this."Jimin shook his head,laughing at his wife's creativity.

"Surprise! Hi there my handsome and beloved husband! I'm sorry me and the kids couldn't pick you up from the airport but hey,look what we have for you! Minjun-ah,come here."

You waved your hand to a person outside the screen and your 4 years old son came running in,holding a pastel pink paper heart that is almost as big as himself in his hands.On the heart was various messages from his friends and family members.

"Congratulations on your third child!"

"Take care of you third child well,Jiminie!"

"Congratulations! Minjun and Somin will be having a little sibling now!" And so much more was written.

Jimin felt so many emotions at the same time.But to put it simply,he was confused and shocked.

"Thank you Minjun-ah! Now go and eat those cookies I baked for you."Minjun then thanked you enthusiastically and ran out of the screen."Well,congratulations Minjun and Somin's dad! I'll see you at home later,darling!"

You blew a kiss to the camera before turning it off and Jimin finds himself still in a daze."(Y/N) is...pregnant? She's pregnant!"Out of excitement,Jimin runs out to his lawn and shouts out,"My wife is pregnant!"

The old man next door who was watering his plants laughed at Jimin."Congratulations,young man!"He shouted back.Jimin enthusiastically thanked him before running back inside,grabbing his phone and dialing your number.

"Babe! You're pregnant!"Upon hearing his words,you were more amused than shocked."Yes Jiminie,I am."You chuckled.You called over the twins who were playing on the floor inside your office.

"Daddy!"Somin yelled."We're getting a lil' brother,dad!"Minjun cut in."No way! Its a lil' sister!"Somin argued."Now,now kids,gender doesn't really matter.Because I'm getting a third child!"

You were glad that Jimin is as enthusiastic-or maybe a tad bit more-as the kids which meant you didn't have to worry about anything.Jimin would take good care of the baby as well as he did with the twins."Can we eat outside to celebrate,daddy?"Somin pouted at your phone.

"Hm.I'm not sure,Somin-ah,daddy's tired."Upon hearing Jimin's response,Somin's pout deepens."Aww come on,Jimin.Somin's pouting."You heard Jimin laugh."Fine,but make sure you don't waste any food,okay?"

The kids face immediately brightened and you couldn't help but to coo at their cuteness."We'll finish everything,we promise!"Minjun shouted into the speaker,his pinky finger sticking out.

"Well,I gotta go (Y/N).See you soon,babe."Jimin spoke up."See you soon too,handsome."You joked and hung up the call.


As you were finishing your paperwork,there was a knock on your office door and the kids went to open it."Daddy!"Somin shrieked.Then,Jimin walked in with the twins in his arms and a bouquet of flower in Minjun's hands.

"Well,hello there Mr.Park."You greeted and went over to Jimin who had placed the kids down."Hello Mrs.Park."Jimin wrapped an arm around your waist,pecking your lips ever so softly."Gotta say,I surprised you quite well with the video letter,ay?"You teased.

Jimin laughed and shook his head at your cuteness,handing you the flower bouquet Minjun was holding."You forgot one thing though."Jimin whispered."Oh really? What is it?"

"Happy 7th Anniversary,my queen."


Okay,maybe this one seemed even rushed but whatever

Hope you guys enjoyed it! Love you! <3

(Again,unedited :') )

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