Acquainted; Kyrie Irving {R}

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~You got me touchin' on your body~
~You got me touchin' on your body~
~To say that we're in love is dangerous~
~But girl I'm so glad we're acquainted~

The Weeknd - Acquainted

The Weeknd - Acquainted

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Sobari's P.O.V.

I sighed as I laid back on my couch bored.
I would usually call up my friend Kyrie...yes Irving.. when I was this bored but he was off to London today for the special London basketball games with the Celtics. He was more of a friends with benefits but we definitely had to keep our business on the down low. Kyrie was in a dumbass relationship that he couldn't get out of and I'd always had a sexual attraction to Ky. We both enjoyed the sex we had with each other, but promised not to go any further so we wouldn't ruin our amazing friendship. It was honestly a simple setup. We weren't supposed to develop feelings but I did..of course I would never say that. I was good at hiding my feelings and keeping things under wraps, plus..I knew he loved me..but wasn't 'in love' with me.
As soon as I started thinking about him my phone vibrated and a smile appeared on my face.

I smirked and answered it.
"What do you want Ky?" I asked, standing up and walking into the kitchen of the spacious apartment that Kyrie had bought me months ago.

"I want you. Why do you think I'm calling?"

I could see his annoying smirk through the phone.
"Shouldn't you be on your way to London baby boy?" I asked, sitting at the island and grabbing a banana.

"I couldn't leave without getting some from my babygirl."

I raised an eyebrow.

I was interrupted by a knock on my door and the call ended.
I sighed and walked over to the door, looking in the peephole to see Kyrie's fine ass standing there.
I opened the door quickly and as soon as I did that, his lips crashed onto mine.
I smiled and kissed back as he pushed us back into the apartment, closing the door, before attaching his hands firmly to my waist.
I pulled away and chuckled.
"Damn. No small talk first."

He smiled, looking down at me while biting his lip.
"Like you said, I'm about to leave to London, I don't have much time." He said, picking me up and allowing me to wrap my legs around his waist.

"Shouldn't you be spending this time with your girlfriend?" I asked, a smirk appearing on my lips.

He chuckled and rolled his eyes.
"You know I'd pick you any day girl."

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