Chapter 04 : Jane

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*DEDICATED TO coolgirl5061*

"Kay you ready?" Jeff asked behind me making me jump a little

"Oh my GAHD! stop scaring me!" I said hitting him on the arm

"Ouch that hurts!"he said cradling his injured arm 

"Anyway let's go it's getting dark you know how daddy hates it when we come back late" I announced hurrying him out the door with me and Smile

"Fine, let's go but can we go somewhere first? you don't really have anywhere to go do you?" he asked his face heating up

"Uhm sure..let's go?" I said agreeing....after twenty minutes of walking we reached a cabin about five minutes away from the town "Where are we and what are we doing here?" I asked crossing my arms

"We're here because of her" he said pointing at a girl with black coal like hair, pale skin and is wearing a black dress "That's.."

"That's Jane!" I said finishing his sentence

"How'd you know who she is?" he asked curiously as he tilted his head like Smile that made me giggle a little directing the girl's attention to us

"Sally!" she squealed as she ran to me with open arms

"Wait! you remember me!?"

"Uhh yes! that's why I'm hugging you!" 

"Wait but I thought you weren't going to remember any of that after I killed you.."

"Well yeah...but apparently my condition was the same as yours, I was also in a coma and for some reason we met in that weird alternative world with another us....and so after you killed me I guess I was freed or something so thank you!!"

"Uhm OK?" I replied still a little confused

"Ehm!" Jeff said clearing his throat behind us successfully getting our attention, as I turned around I still felt like somebody was watching me 'who was it? is it Ben? no that'snot possible because Smile would've noticed him then who is it?' I asked myself

"YOU!!" Jane screamed at Jeff pulling me out of my daze

"YOU'RE THE ONE WHO PUT ME IN THAT COMA!!" she screeched I just stood there dumbfounded not knowing what to say


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