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Genre: smut

Wassup people 😁

This is Smut. If not comfortable leave. You should know how this works if not please go look at the beginning of one of the first 3 chapters. If not you will be extremely confused.

The plot of this is, you are a member of bts. You and namjoon have been dating for almost 3 years. You are at am extremely important award show. (Like the ama's) And when you guys get to the dorms. You want to 'celebrate' if you catch my drift *wink wonk* or for people who don't...you fuck.

This will contain extreme daddy kink. Because it was asked for. This is dedicated to -VoidA here you go baby, I hope this is what you asked for. Let me know how you like it.

Aight let's get into this~✌️

•M/n's pov•

"We did it! We're actually making history!" Jungkook exclaimed happily. "Yea we are!" V and kookie did their handshake. "Alright alright, chill out I get it we're all excited, but it's late well all celebrate tomorrow, go to bed kids." Jin shooed us all to our rooms.

"I'm so proud of you baby." Joonie mumbled into my neck. "I'm proud of you to daddy, if it weren't for you we wouldn't be able to manage anything." I kissed his cheeks. "I love you." He smiled. I smiled back "I love you to dork." 

He swiftly pushed me onto the bed.
"How about we celebrate now?" He smirked. I nodded "sounds exciting daddy." He quickly started attacking my neck leaving love bites everywhere.

•3rd person pov•

"Daddy I'm gonna look like a leopard." M/n groaned. Namjoon smirked "Good let them know who you belong to baby boy." These simple words caused m/n's lower region to harden. "Daddy please." M/n whined out grinding against namjoon, to try to get a friction going.

"Baby, we just started." Namjoon groaned. "But I already need you daddy, please?" M/n begged. Namjoon couldn't take the begging anymore, it was driving him insane. "Fine, but you have to ride me baby. " He smirked flipping them, so m/n was straddling the olders lap.

"Gladly daddy~" m/n purred. He slowly slid of namjoon's shirt and left hickeys down his chest. Till he got down to the belt. He took everything off and went to get the lube. "Baby~ you still have everything on." Namjoon chuckled. M/n quickly took off all his clothing and crawled over to namjoon. Slicking up the olders cock.

"I'll help you down okay?" M/n just nodded at namjoon's comment, and let the rapper grab his hips. Slowly easing him down on his monsterous dick. (get it? Rap monster, monsterous dick 🤔okay I'll stop🤣) 

M/n out a Yelp "daddy to big!" He squealed. "You'll be okay." Namjoon groaned hiding his face in the youngers shoulder.

"M-move~" m/n moaned. Namjoon quickly snapped his hips up. Thrusting rapidly in and out. Producing a squelching sound, from the lube. "Fuck~ d-daddy!!" M/n screamed bouncing to meet namjoon's thrusts.

"God baby so tight. Just how daddy likes it. Do you like the way daddy pounds into you?" Namjoon groaned out. "Oh god yes~ only daddy can make me feel this good!" The younger screamed out. "Only daddy." Namjoon growled.

"I-im gonna cum~" m/n moaned. "Go ahead baby I'm almost there!" Namjoon thrusted harder and faster than before. "Aghhh~" m/n let out a high pitched moan cumming. "M/n!" Namjoon groaned, spilling his hot seed into m/n's ass.

Namjoon quickly flipped them around again, so m/n was laying on his back. He then thrusted back into the youngers still tight hole. "Daddy!~"   m/n screamed. "Oh god m/n! Your gonna milk me dry!" Namjoon groaned.

"Daddy~ please hurry it hurts!" M/n yelled tears streaming down his face.   "You have to wait." The older growled. He thrusted rapidly. "Ahhhhh~" m/n screamed out.

"Daddy~!" He screamed. Namjoon just groaned cumming in the youngers ass again. "I'm sorry if I was to rough." Namjoon smiled rubbing m/n's lower back. "It's okay Daddy, I'll be okay."  M/n's hoarse voice whimpered.

"Thank you baby." Namjoon smiled laying them both down, and pulling m/n closer. M/n smiled back "your welcome, I love you." The younger drifted off to sleep. "I love you to baby." Namjoon whispered kissing his forehead.

Poor bangtan got no sleep that night.




It's finished! I hope you liked it. I'm sorry if it was bad school's kinda stressing me out. And sorry it was kinda late.  -VoidA So ye..tell me how it was. If u have any suggestions let me know/any requests. If u have any tips on how to improve my writing I would greatly appreciate that. Well...I'll see ya in the next chapter!! Song name is or nah ft. the weekend (just so you know). Has nothing to do with the chapter I just like the song I guess.

•Peace my beautifully weird childs✌️~ bb yoongs

Word count: 853

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