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"So all you can tell us is that the car was maybe an SUV?" Officer Miller asked for the hundredth time.

"The vehicle was dark and bigger than a car. That's all I know. I didn't see it until it was on me, and after it hit me I wasn't really focused on getting the license plate as it took off."

I was getting ready to leave the hospital. It had been a rough week. My brain cooperated and stopped bleeding and swelling (yay brain!), but the surgery on my elbow ended up being more complex than anticipated. I had lots of physical therapy ahead of me. I couldn't start that until my collarbone healed adequately.

"Could you make out the person in the car at all? Was there more than one person?" Another question I'd been asked before.

I just shook my head. "I don't know."

A nurse popped in my room with a huge vase of flowers. "These just came for you, Josie."

"Who are they from?" I asked. I had several floral arrangements filling my room already from friends and family members. The restaurant where I worked sent one, too.

The nurse looked over the arrangement and shrugged. "That's weird, there's no card. I bet it fell off at the nurse's station. Let me go check."

My mom turned to Officer Miller, "Were you able to find any footage on any of the area security cameras?"

"A bank about two blocks away has a camera pointed towards the street. They picked up a black or gray SUV speeding towards the location of the hit and run, but the footage is too grainy because it was so dark out. We could not identify the make or model of the vehicle."

My mom nodded.

"You are never going to catch who did this, are you?" I asked.

Officer Miller gave me a sympathetic look. "Our best bet at this point is for a witness to come forward, or for someone who knows what happened to tell us. It's always possible that the driver spilled his or her guts to someone who feels obligated to go to the police."

"So we just wait and see?" I asked.

"Pretty much."

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