The Call

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Taylor's Pov

After me and Paige got calmed down and we flushed her blades down the toilet together. It was hard to get her to agree to it, but eventually we got to the point where she understood it needed to be done.

She was now fast asleep in my bed. She looked so peaceful, i wish she was like that all the time. No pain.

I dont know whats going to happen when i leave for Magcon Tour. She has completely opened up to me and told me everything she feels inside. It does make me depressed. Knowing she kept it all in.

I was leaving for Magcon in 2 weeks. I wish Paige could come. I mean she was somewhat famous too. But then again im not on Bart's good side right now.

I remember him saying stuff about thinking about surprising her by adding her into it. I havent heard anything in a couple days so i guess thats off the table.

*Blzzz Blzzz Blzzzz*

My phone went of almost on que and i quickyly run to answer it so i dont wake Paige up.

"Hello?" I answer in almost a whisper.

"Hey Sweetie, hows everything going?"

"Oh hey mom, everythings cool. But um remember when we were talking about Paige joining the Magcon family..?" I wasnt sure if i should have brought it up but theres no going back now.

"Actually thats what i wanted to talk to you about. If you think Paige will be confortable with all the boys then Bart thinks its a great idea and all her fans will love it!" I can picture her on the other line smiling as she spoke.
After awhile of small talk we both say goodbye and hang up.

Thank god Paige could join. I dont think i could trust her that long alone. I just hope nothing happens with her and any of the boys.

I know how they act. I dont want any of them hitting on her or crap like that. Its just weird, like come on shes my sister!

I cant wait to tell her tomorrow! I hope she'll be so thrilled! I climb into my bed next to her and close my eyes.

Tomorrow starts a new happier day. And for Paige, hopefully a happier life. I have a feeling that the boys will make her feel welcomed.

That ending kinda sucked. Sorry guys its 1 am. and i didnt know how to end it but i knew i needed to and ugh.

once Paige and the boys meet there will be more drama and hopefully will be more exciting!!

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