Chapter 1

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Chapter One

I curse my outfit choice as I step into the coffee shop a street over from the large building I was due to be walking into in exactly five minutes. I have been running late all morning, having gotten little sleep last night with nerves of starting my new job.

I had set my outfit out last night, wanting to feel prepared. Yet, the moment I stepped out of the shower, I realise I hadn't set shoes out. I spent the following few moments rummaging through my boxes, trying to find the shoes I had wanted. It was in that moment I realised this isn't how I want to start my first day.

I ended up grabbing the black heels I knew were like death traps, yet knowing I needed heels to wear with the pencil skirt I had ready to wear.

I push my handbag further up my arm as I take in the two separate queues. I blink, sighing as I step into the one on the left, knowing they were both the same length.

I pull my phone out, tapping it against the palm of the other hand, seeing it light up with each tap, showing me the time. This doesn't stop me checking my watch, knowing in two minutes I was going to be late. I consider just leaving the line and going to work, yet I know I wasn't going to make a good impression if I walk in there without more caffeine in my system.

"The machine seems to be playing up this morning. We have had to restart it. It will be a few moments. Sorry for the inconvenience." The woman says as I reach the front of the queue. I stare at her in surprise, sighing.

"You in a rush?" A deep voice brings my attention to the man in the queue to my right. I blink at him, taking in his tall figure. He is athletic, wearing a suit, has tanned skin, deep brown eyes and silky smooth hair. It takes me a second to find my voice.

"Kind of. I am already late." I say, my northern accent sounding out of place. His lips twitch as he hears it and I suddenly feel self-conscious as I stand in my black heels, black pencil skirt and white top with my beige coat over the top.

"So why wait?" He questions, putting one strong looking hand into his trouser pocket. I shrug a shoulder, letting myself smile shyly at him. I have determined he is in his late twenties, looking like he is used to girls drooling over him. The thought, causes me to square my shoulders, refusing to be just another one of those girls.

"I don't believe anyone wants to deal with me if I don't have caffeine in my system," I say, giving a casual smile, glancing back over at the counter, watching the waitress looking frustrated as she pushes buttons on the coffee machine.

"You don't seem too bad. Maybe, a little impatient, but I wouldn't say it is something someone couldn't deal with." The man says, sounding like he is smirking. I breathe out, sounding like a little laugh. I look at him out of the corner of my eye, trying to determine if he is flirting with me. He is watching me with a smirk, his eyes looking amused, making me think he was.

"I have already had a cup of coffee. That was an hour ago." I admit. He nods, chuckling. I turn my full attention to him at the sound, realising I liked it.

"What can I get you?" The waitress asks, coming back to the counter looking stressed. I step forwards, distracted enough to stop the conversation with the attractive man.

"Large latte to-go," I tell her. She nods, scribbling it down on a to-go cup before turning to the attractive man.

"Americano." He says simply. The waitress nods, scribbling it down on another cup. I tap one of my perfectly painted nails on the counter, using my other hand to lift my phone and look at the time. Five minutes late.

"Do you work far from here?" The man asks. I nod, glancing back at the door.

"Yes. You?" I ask, now too distracted to really pay attention to him. Had I been concentrating, I might have said no as my actual office was ten minutes away, yet this assignment only had me a twenty second walk from here.

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