chapter three ➶

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finn stood there, and instantly regretted what he had just said. "shit what the hell did i just say." finn thought to himself. jack looked at finn and blushed a little, after hearing what he said. "uh, well thank you." jack said smiling a little. though jack didn't show it, he was nearly about to scream, as his heart was beating so quickly. his crush just said his smile is cute. finn started to put his books away as jack did the same. "well i better get going, i mean my parents doesn't care wether i'm home or not, but i have to study." finn said. jack nodded and began walking downstairs, as finn followed. "well i'll see you tomorrow finn...." jack said. finn awkwardly smiled and walked out the door.

finn shortly made his way back to his own house,  before he went upstairs, overwhelmed with thoughts about what had happened. he was confused why he said that, and thought to himself. "why did i say that. he's a loser, i shouldn't have said that." finn was tired, though it was only eight. he went in bed and fell asleep rather quickly.

it was 9:30 and jack was tired, after studying for an hour or two. he put his books away and laid in bed. he thought about what finn had said earlier, and he started smiling, and thought he probably looked like a total idiot. he felt like finn was his friend now, and maybe they could hang out at school. jack soon fell asleep with a smile on his face.

the sound of jacks alarm went off at 6:30, and for once, jack was actually excited to go to school... to see finn of course. jack got dressed, brushed his teeth, and just carried on with his normal morning. he began walking to school with a smile on his face. he knew this day would be great, so he practically ran to school.

jack arrived in school and the first class he had today was english. he was so excited to see finn, his heart was practically pounding out of his chest. he went to his locker to pick up his morning books, and went straight to class. finn wasn't there yet, so he went on his phone to make the wait go a little quicker. soon, finn, wyatt, chosen, and jaedan walked into the classroom. jack looked up and saw finn looking at him. "hey finn." jack said, waving towards him. jack saw wyatt start laughing, and saw that finn didn't even greet him, not even a wave. "why the fuck did the faggot say hi to you? you aren't friends are you?" wyatt said. wyatt purposely made sure that he spoke louder, so jack could hear. "of course not. he thinks we're friends since we're partners for that dumb project." finn laughed. finn hated saying that, because he knew jack heard, but if he didn't, wyatt would be all over him. he didn't wanna lose his reputation.

jack heard what finn said, and he just wanted to cry and go home. jack couldn't handle it, and just started crying. it was quiet but there were tears streaming down his face. finn looked over at jack, to see him packing up his books quickly, though class hadn't even started. finn noticed the tears on his face, and instantly felt a pit of guilt in his stomach. he just wanted to hug him and say sorry, but he couldn't, not in front of the entire class... especially not in front of his friends. jack ran out of the room, and all finn wanted to do was to run after him, but he didn't. soon, the class started and jack was no where to be seen.

jack didn't care about skipping school, he just wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. he ran out of that school as fast as he could, not giving a single thought about how tired he already was. he just couldn't stop crying. he ran all the way home and luckily his dad wasn't there. jack ran up to his room and instantly collapsed on the floor. his face was now covered in tears, along with him being so out of breath, yet all he could do was think about finn. jack thought, just maybe, that finn liked him. after all, he called him cute, but jack knew it was too good to be true. finn didn't like jack, and he definitely didn't want to be friends with him. jack got up and went into the bathroom. he looked into the mirror and just cried. "why am i not good enough. for anyone. why couldn't finn just like me, or at least be my friend. just one person that i could call my own would be enough for me..." jack thought.

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