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And that's EB-303. I hope you enjoyed it.

It was fun writing a simpler, shorter story, although I feel like the pacing was off. To be honest, I'm not good at short stories, novelettes, or novellas. The shorter the work, the harder it is for me to write. It takes a lot more nuance and skill than I presently have.

Which is why I'm probably not going to write shorter form fiction for awhile.

I wasn't entirely sure about how writing for Genevieve was going to come out. She's a strange character and it can be hard to write from strange character's perspective and not only do a good job, but also to maintain their more unique attributes. I tried to keep a good balance of making her a bit more human without compromising on what I had established so far about her silent assassin persona.

I also have to say that my...I guess you could call it my thing, for want of a better term, is not easy. My thing being that every story I write has some kind of weird monster in it. I mean, I started out simply enough: zombies, then meat-machine men, mutants, an unstoppable killing machine. I finally got to mix it up with Absolute Zero, then dialed it back considerably to killer cyborgs in Snowblind.

But it's hard coming up with something new each time around. Moreover, it's hard to come up with something interesting. I've got ideas in store, and obviously almost none of them are really unique, but as hard as it is, it's also fun. It's fun to come up with them and it's more fun to write about them. Hopefully it's fun to read about them.

Well, that's all I've got for this one. See you at Starck's Lament! (That one has some weird creatures in it.)

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