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After the first 'fun filled' day at school everyone decided to hang at the wyrm where they could supposedly be themselves sweet pea was sat playing a game of mortal combat while Celestia stood leaning against the machine watching sweet pea virtually fight while toni sat sipping a drink and jughead stood ranting " I can't believe you guys don't even see it. Weatherbee is profiling us. Tellin' us what to wear.What's next? Brain implants controlling what we think?" toni rolled her eyes Celestia doing the same "Cel please talk some sense into your brother he sounds like a crazy conspiracy nut." "jughead calm the fuck down there's a perfectly rational explanation A school closed down." sweet pea added in "A crappy school." Toni nodded "Yeah, and now we're at a better one. The computer lab and text books"" And toilets that flush." Celestia raised a brow "wait the toilets didn't flush in your bathroom they did in the girls " he looked at her strangely " you didn't even go to my school how would you know ?" "oh i went in there once to touch up my lipstick but although the toilets flushed oh my god those walls floors and toilets ugh it gives me shivers just thinking about it all that blood and it wasn't from cat fights trust me " he gave a disgusted look "ewww tmi " "did you just say tmi sweet you've been at that school five minutes " he grabbed her waist and pulled her down on to him "hey" but she sat comfortably on his lap then jughead and toni continued their conversation "Getting transferred to Riverdale High is the best thing that could have happened." then sweet pea spoke again "Maybe ever." "So, if I have to take off my jacket, 8:30 to 3:00, Monday through Friday Hey, I'm down with that." Celestia looked over sweet peas shoulder and said "listen jughead its gonna be ok don't worry "


it was the next day of the schools practically merging and boy was there more trouble to come and Celestia saw it coming when jughead had dropped hints the previous day texting her it went something like

bro from another mo: i have a plan so be ready when i come and get you for school you can walk with me ok?

cella seashell: what are you conjuring jug this is going to far just take off the jacket please bro listennnn to meee

bro from another mo: no i won't let them win just be ready when i come around

cella seashell: lets hope your right jones

she was ready when jughead came to her house and he explained his plan "i'm gonna wear my serpent jacket to school i won't let them take away our lives" she rolled her eyes while walking with her arms folded trying to stay warm "jughead this isn't going to prove anything and i know your gonna end up having to take off your jacket whether you like it or not now hurry up i'm freezing" he stopped which caused her to stop "here have my jacket just until we get to school" he handed her it and she hesitantly slipped it on "but now your gonna be cold" he laughed "nah we're nearly here now anyway " she continued walking again until they got closer to the school "jughead i can't let you do this on your own your my brother" she slid off her backpack then his jacket and handed it to him she unzipped the bag and pulled out the leather contained in it and held it up shaking out any creases then put it over her shoulders putting her arms through the holes and pushed her backpack back on her shoulders and smiled at him while he raised a brow "you was gonna let me freeze when you had a jacket anyway" she shyly smiled "well didn't wanna get my jacket out until i decided to go along with your plan" he just nodded and they continued into the school and to the student lounge where everyone was sat including reggie and his buldogs. Celestia walking in first to see her south side friends eyeing her clothing choice then came in jughead behind her she walked to the vending machine to get something to eat jughead stood next to her leaning against the machine then reggie started everything off

"take it off " reggie stood up "take that jacket off now bitch "reggie walked closer to the girl she smirked as she turned around and the serpents stood up on stand by "reggie ,reggie ,reggie i don't think you know what this jacket means, the thing is you wouldn't understand because you have no sense of honour or history oh and loyalty" she got up in his face "so back the fuck up" he grabbed her and tried to take off the jacket she just stood there as sweet pea ran up she stayed staring into reggie's eyes breathing heavily as sweet pea got in arms length her arm went back and her hand collided with his chest "back up sweet i got this" he reluctantly did stand back "come on then mantle hit me i ain't scared of you i ran the gauntlet once i can take your pathetic ass punches" he tried pulling the jacket off her with more force this time she couldn't take it anymore and punched him square in the face as he fell to the ground he scrambled back up and went to throw a punch but she caught his fist and twisted his arm back "uh uh uh reggie remember that time we dated and you were an ass to me remember that scar on your pretty little back how about we add to your collection huh huh back the fuck up " he looked down and moved to jughead and started trying to take off his jacket and a whole fist fight started between serpents and bulldogs punching and kicking Celestia managed to break it up though by whistling as loud as she could with her fingers they all looked at her while she stood on a table "veronica just went to weatherbee now STOP" she was right veronica had witnessed it and told the principle the next thing they knew they were in the office

"you all have a weeks detention for fighting i made myself clear, mr and miss jones take that jacket off or your both suspended " jughead was hesitant but did as he was told but Celestia on the other hand wasn't persuaded veronica tried to bring her around "please C just- " "shut it snitch" and glared at the girl " well i guess i'm suspended " she said turning around and walking out of the school to the only place she could relax ....

the wyrm she played on the games machine trying to beat sweet peas high score when she lost she hit the machine in a rage and downed three shots one after the other trying to drown out anything then she heard her dads voice "hey you break that , you buy it "he was referring to the machine she sighed as Fp walked up to her and leaned against the side of the machine she was previously on "how'd you know i'd be here " he looked at her "because your always here and hogeye called me " she scoffed "now you wanna explain to me why the hell your not in school ?" "yeh jughead had this plan and i followed with it because i felt bad for leaving him on his own with it so i went along with it and it went to far but jughead thinks we're being targeted because he's from the south side oh and weatherbee made us take our jackets off because someone tagged the school" he laughed "wear them after school" "yeh a serpent never sheds its skin" he glared and pointed at her "i know the laws girl seriously Celestia whats up" "its just i feel at home on the southside its like i'm pretending to be someone i'm not and i don't wanna pretend anymore " he looked at her sympathetically "yeh, i hear ya but getting arrested for truancy isn't gonna help You gotta be smart. Serpents hibernate during the winter. Look at me, you think I like cleaning toilets, shoveling slop? No.But it's what I gotta do.Going to Riverdale High, that's what you gotta do.So lay low for a while, but you never stop being a Serpent."she thought about it for a moment then looked back at him "thanks dad i'll think of something but i'll tel you what i really could you" he looked at her with an eyebrow raised " and whats that "" a hug " he smiled and opened his arms she walked into him and wrapped her arms around him while he did the same to her she looked up at him and said "i love you dad" then put her head back into his chest "i love you too Celestia" and they stood there for a few moments just enjoying the moment they were sharing and the bond that was growing between them then fp broke the silence "whats your mom gonna say?" she smiled shyly "i was wondering if you could tell her pretty please dad" he nodded and they went back to hugging

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