The truth

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But what they don't know is
Jilly pov
I was fucking beyond mad. This nigga just hit my sister. "You know what... bye." I said angrily . " belcalis let's go now" I said. She went upstairs to get her phone and charger and the little clothes she had and walked outside and I grabbed my phone since I didn't take nothing inside and walked right past armon even though I felt bad and got in the car. He came outside and got in. "Baby it was a prank" he said smiling and belcalis smiling at me. I huffed and ran upstairs to take a shower because I was still bloody. I stood in the shower and just started bawling. I was so upset. I washed up and got out after like ten minutes. I decided to post a pic on Instagram. "BELCALIS" i yelled. No answer. "BELCALIS" I screamed again. "What hoe" she yelled back. "Come here" I yelled. In a couple seconds she came upstairs and into the guest room.
"Wassup boo" she said. "Can you take my pic please" I said. "Sure gimme yo phone" she replied.

 "Sure gimme yo phone" she replied

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jillyanais: shawty bad slim thick she my drug she my fix  pic credit @iamcardib
mz.jilly: bae
_treytraylor: dang sis
Armon.warren: my baby
Iamcardib: sus
Rasheed.mitchell: baby momma
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I was chillin when armon busted thru the door. His eyes were pitch black. " who is Rasheed" he said walking up to me grabbing my arm. " armon that's her ex nigga back it up" belcalis said getting irritated. "Bae that's my ex please let go" I said tears threatening to fall. I was beyond scared. "TREY, QUEEN,SOMEBODY GET HIM OFF HER" belcalis screamed as armon took my neck. He began to squeeze. "Imma ask you again" he spat "who the FUCK is Rasheed" he asked . "My.....ex" I breathed it tears now falling" trey came in and grabbed him and queen held me as I cried. "It was my ex" I cried now sobbing. He apologizes and walked out. I'm freaking shook. I told myself "he was just mad jilly... he'll never do it again. Boy was I wrong ....

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