Aaron and Phillip

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Book 2 – Aaron and Philip

Aaron and Philip have been together for almost a decade.
They have a loving, easy relationship, until Aaron is promoted at work; after his partner misses anniversaries and birthdays, Philip decides he can't live with Aaron's indifference towards him anymore.

A Rough Day

Philip came up behind Aaron as he closed the front door, and wrapped his arms around Aaron's waist.

"Good day?" Phil murmured, kissing the back of Aaron's neck.

Aaron grunted sourly, his head hanging in weariness.

"I don't understand divorcing couples," he groaned. "Four hours, today, one couple were at it. They were arguing over a collection of little blue plates that the husband's mother had left them in her will. They both hated the bloody things, but he insisted they're worth a lot of money, so of course they both wanted the damn things."

Phil couldn't stop a grin spreading over his face as he nuzzled Aaron's shoulder sympathetically.

"What did you do?"

"I took the plates to an antiques place across the road in my lunch hour. Turns out, the plates were worthless. They were in my bin half an hour later." Aaron shook his head helplessly.

Phil bit back a giggle.

"I made dinner," he said, taking Aaron's suit jacket off and hanging it in the closet beside the front door. "Do you want some?"

"No, thanks, baby. I'm not that hungry. Not for food." Aaron threw his briefcase down on the sofa and turned back to Phil, a feral gleam in his eyes.

"I know that look," Phil said, backing away. "Oh, no you don't!"

Philip dodged as Aaron pounced for him, and darted towards the bedroom.

Aaron followed in hot pursuit, blocking the door of the ensuite with his foot when Phil tried to close it. He wriggled his hand around the crack in the door, caught hold of Philip's wrist, and pulled the smaller man back out to face him.

Philip squirmed and wriggled as Aaron forcibly removed him from their ensuite.

Aaron slammed Phil back against the door, hearing the breath leave his lover's body with a huff, before he pressed their lips together.

All thoughts of escape left Philip's mind.

Phil moaned softly as Aaron's tongue pushed forcefully into his mouth, probing deeply. Phil bit down on Aaron's bottom lip, making Aaron growl low in his throat.

Aaron's fingers fumbled uselessly with the buttons on Philip's shirt for a moment, before his patience broke, and he ripped the shirt from Phil's shoulders.

Phil groaned as Aaron's fingertips roughly caressed his nipples, before sliding down his navel and unfastening his jeans.

Aaron kissed Philip again, his mouth hard and demanding.

Phil whimpered when Aaron's hand wormed down the front of his jeans and began to shuck over his length, fast and hard. His hips bucked against Aaron's navel as he whined in pleasure.

"Aaron!" Phil hissed his partner's name, arching his back to press himself harder against Aaron. Philip wrapped his legs tightly around Aaron's waist, his fingers digging into Aaron's shoulders.

Aaron yanked Phil's jeans roughly from his legs, along with his boxers. Aaron growled something in Philip's ear, his breath hot against Phil's earlobe, but Philip was too distracted by the pleasure to hear what was said.

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