Chapter 27

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Kyles pov

"She kicked me!"

"He hit me first!" 

"She spat on me first!" 


"Kids, kids, I don't care who did what to who first, just stop screaming and fighting!" I watch Sarah and Jeremy and wonder how the hell I this happened. Why am I suddenly the one the kids go to when they want someone to mediate? "Go find your mom or dad!" And shockingly they smile at me and run off.

"It's because you're the Luna, the pack members, and especially the children, are naturally drawn to you for advice," I turn around and see a very happy looking Alpha holding what I can only assume is a picnic basket in his hands. "I think it's about time I take you on a date," as he saunters towards me he lifts up the basked dangling it in front of my face, and the smell of food wafting from it had me salivating in no time.

Me and Anders have been a mated couple for 5 days, and it has been 5 days filled with love and happiness, it's so sappy I'm making myself cringe thinking about it. But who cares? It's about me and him, and damn, that man knows how to take care of me. 

He grabs my hand and pulls me behind him as he starts walking, "I took care of all my paperwork for the day and instructed Carl to only disturb me if the packhouse is invaded by aliens, so now I am taking my man on a date."

I smile and happily follow behind as he heads for the woods, admiring the view. "I can feel your eyes burning into my ass, stop it, please! This date will consist of us sitting down together, talking and catching up, and if you keep staring like that you will get me all distracted and we end up fucking, again." I suppose he's right, ever since we mated the first day we have spent a lot of time together. But talking? Not so much. I guess it would be nice to just spend time together, with our clothes on and having a real conversation. So I lift my eyes and watch my surroundings instead.

"So where are we headed?" I'm pretty sure we're headed towards the river, but I'm not yet familiar enough with the land to be sure.

"There's this really nice place by the river where we can sit down and enjoy ourselves away from prying eyes," and just then we arrive at the river. The spot is beautiful, it's a place where the river turns into a serene pond with a waterfall. It's nicely shielded by trees, but the growth is not thick enough to block the sunlight completely.

"Anders, this place is perfect, I love it."

"I know, Axel told me about it, he used to go here to think. And the first time I saw it I knew I had to take my mate here one day." He gives me a soft smile and pulls out a blanket from the basket. Then he proceeds to pull out the food, and the sight makes my stomach growl. There's chicken, pasta salad, buttered corn on the cob, sandwiches and a bottle of iced tea and two glasses. He sits down, leaning his back against a tree, and pats the spot between his legs, and I gladly sit down, leaning my back against his chest. Then we start digging in. The food was so good, we both moan in pleasure as we eat until we feel like bursting, and the company was even better. We talk about everything and nothing, joke around and laugh until our sides hurt. I would really call this the perfect date. And then Anders reaches into the basket and pulls out some glasses with what looks like layers of cream and jam.

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