Chapter 17

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Yuri slowly woke up his head aching. It took him a moment to remember that he has been in surgery and another moment to realize Victor was signing to him excitedly. His mind didn't work fast enough to process what Victor was saying and though he was awake. It was like his mind was in a fog and he was ten feet under. Finally he was able to clear his mind enough to see what Victor was signing, Are you OK Yuri? We were worried.

"Yeah, just out of it. Where's Levi?"

Victor smiled, We made him go get something to eat. The doctors were worried because it took you longer to wake up than it should've. You've been out nearly a day.

"I thought they said it was a mostly safe thing."

Yuuri joined in, They think the anesthesia might have done something or the other. Sorry, we weren't paying attention. It was complicated.

Yuri smiled lightly, "That's fine, but I want to see my boyfriend."

Levi stood in the doorway smiling but it dint reach his eyes, "Then it's a good thing I just got back. You had me worried Yura."

"Im ok, just really tired. Are you ok? You seem off."

"Yeah, I'm fine. I just stayed up with you all night in case you woke up or needed help," Levi replied.

"Well I'm sorry I worried you.... And... That I didn't tell you it was today. I guess I just didn't think you would care all that much. I've had surgery before and," Yuri shrugged picking at the hospital blanket, "My parents said it was fine and that they'd see me when I got home."

Yuuri spoke as he signed, Your parents weren't the best people to get an idea of how people should act from... Maybe you should stop letting that affect how you see things.

Yuri nodded smiling,"Hey Levi, can I play that game on your phone?"

Levi laughed, "Yuri Plisetsky, master at subtly changing the subject. I would let you but my phone is on a low battery and I don't want to kill it."

"Ok, so can I go now?"

Victor spoke as he signed too, They want to observe you for tonight. See if you're ok and you not waking up was a fluke.

Yuri nodded boredom already creeping in. He patted the bed next to him motioning for Levi to sit down, "In just a week ill be able to hear you in a way. Wonder what that will be like. I've heard it's going to be really strange and different from how I used to hear."

Levi shrugged, "What matters is you'll be able to hear," he glanced down at his phone before unlocking it and messing with something on the screen.

"What are you looking at?" Yuri asked leaning forward to look.

Levi leaned back hiding his phone screen blushing, "I'll let you look if you make me but please don't. I'm texting my dad and he can be super embarrassing."

Yuri laughed, "Ok, I'll let you go just this one time."

Levi stood up, "I have to go my dad wants me to spend time with him before he leaves again. I'm so sorry."

"No, it's fine. Tell your dad I said hi and have fun. Just kiss me before you go," Yuri smiled turning red.

Levi laughed if sounding slightly forced, "I haven't even done anything yet and you're turning red." he learned down and kissed yuri lightly before winking at him and leaving.

"Is he ok?" Yuri asked once he was gone.

I think so, why? Victor signed.

"He didn't seem very happy to be here," Yuri shrugged, "Maybe I'm imagining it." He closed his eyes smiling excited to be able to hear again even if they said it would sound like a computer would say it. It was a lot better than it used to be he was told.

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