They Can Transform!

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Your POV

"" My eyes widened. "Hey Y/n" He ruffules my hair. I started crying and hugged him, "It's been a while but you've grown to become really strong even Naruto" He replies hugging me back. "I know this is a sweet time, but we have to go", "But I want to ask you questions" I say. "You can ask me later, alright" he smiles brightly, I nodded slowly and went to Naruto.

"Y/n! Your ok" I asked what happened and they said Obito and Madara summoned a 10 tailed beast. I dont even think it was possible! They said he made this border prison and can blast a powerful amount of power enough to kill everyone. "But why didn't it kill me?", "Because dad was there in time to save you. He gave you the nine tail cloak to protect you form it" Naruto explains.

In the first time in foreverrrrr, Naruto actually understands what is going on! Sorry. "So, What are we gonna do about it". "We're going to have to fight it". "Are you crazy?!" Sakura screams. "We can do it!" I say, Naruto told us a plan and how it takes damage.

We fought and fought. The hokages fought but went down one by one. I got scared for my father. Obito sucked the ten tails inside him and threw sharp spikes at Naruto. "No! NARUTO" I ran towards him as fast as I can, covering him. Yet, I didn't feel anything.

I turned around and gasped. "W..why" tears struck my eyes. "Naruto has taught me that fate doesn't matter on you family history. Naruto indeed changed my life" he spoke. "N...neji!" Naruto screams.

*BLAST* Me and Naruto looked at each other struck. "W...well, even if I died. I..I'm glad I was *breathe* by you" I cracked a small smile. "! NO, NO! This isn't happening, SAKURA!!! HELP!!".

Naruto's POV
Everyone came over and helped her, Sasuke was worried very much. "Please make sure she stays alive" I begged Sasuke.

I felt a pit of anger, even worse. "Let's do it together Naruto" my dad says. I gained a bright yellow cloak of the nine tails. We went fast and strikes with everything we got. *BLAST* No, not again.

"Dad" his arm was blasted off. Kakashi came over and started fighting with me. My dad still fought even with a lost arm. We struck, striked, and pelted many times.

It ended Obito there but last was Madara who wanted to go against the first so bad.

Your POV
I woke up feeling dizzy. I groaned, "What happened?". "Y/n" someone hugs me. "Oh, hey" I said. "Are you ok?", "I'm better than ever!". "Do you know who I am?" he asks me. "Of course I do silly!" I hit his head.

"I'm just glad your ok" he kisses my forehead. "Be careful and don't do that again!" he lectures me. I nodded in approve and sat on the bed. I sighed, I'm useless.

I dozed off after a couple minutes and woke up to a huge explosion. "Woah!" I woke up, I looked around and found Sasuke sitting next to me, asleep. "Sasuke! Sasuke! What happened" I yelled. "Woah! It's ok, what happened?" he asked me. "There wasn't an explosion?" I questioned and he shook his head.

"I just dreamt that an explosion happened" I say calmly. *BOOM* I looked at Sasuke immediately, "That's the explosion! A lot of people died" my head started to hurt, I clutched it tight.

I grabbed Sasuke's hand and ran towards that direction. "Your hurt! We have to stay" I shook my head violently. "Naruto got hurt in my dream! After that he collapses and he's doing to die!" I yelled. I ran and ran until my stamina built up. I saw Naruto collapse. No, I ran even though it hurt. Everything felt like it was in slow motion.

Naruto's POV
I was fighting Madara, who is madly strong. I had to use sage jutsu because the normal ninjutsu didn't work. It caused a loud and bug explosion, I was bending blasted away but I kept my position.

Madara gets a hold of me and sucks my chakra. I start coughing viciously and collapsed. W...why is everything so blurry? I thought I saw Y/n. "Aruto....uto.....o" the voice fades.

I then black out and felt my heart hurt. It tightened and felt like it was going to explode!

(It's short and not that good. Sorry 😅😅 Im in for a lot of processing and that's all-ish. Ok, see you in the next chapter. Love ya and peace ❤️✌️).

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